Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monsanto's drought resistant BT corn is a failure- no more effective than non GMO

Failed "Drought Tolerant" GMO Corn Won't Help Farmers!

The US Department of Agriculture's review of Monsanto's own data shows that years of investment into so-called "drought-tolerant" biotech crops have been nothing more than a risky and very expensive failure. Monsanto's new "drought-tolerant" genetically-modified corn variety MON 87460 does not perform any better than non-GMO varieties.

Ignoring the data, on December 21, 2011, the Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it would allow unlimited planting of MON 87460. The company and the USDA have both admitted the crop will fare only modestly better than current conventional varieties under low- and moderate-level drought conditions. This means that this corn will be useful only for a fraction of corn acres – just 15 percent by USDA estimates.

In addition, in the United States and abroad there are several types of new, drought-tolerant corn, grown through natural breeding techniques that are likely to do as well or better than Monsanto’s corn. Data from U.S. researchers suggest that conventional breeding is producing drought tolerance two to three times faster than genetic engineering.

Only traditional breeding methods, coupled with agricultural methods that promote soil health, have proven capable of increasing stress tolerance and making plants more resilient to reduced water availability.

The danger is, now that MON 87460 has been deregulated, it will inevitably contaminate truly resilient varieties of organic and conventional corn, destroying the rich genetic diversity that the world's farmers have cultivated in the planet's infinitely varied micro-climates.

Please protect biological diversity by taking action to stop Monsanto's failed "drought-resistant" GMO corn.

To learn more about how genetic diversity -- not genetic engineering -- is the key to climate adaptation, watch the video.
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People also need to know the truth about Bill Gates and GMOs.

These GM seeds which are bound to their toxic herbicides which are now failing and causing superweeds and toxicity of our waterways cannot be saved by farmers who are bound to technology agreements. Their prices are exhorbitant for farmers and in India have resulted in over 250,000 farmer suicides besides dead livestock. Their contamination is global. They have also taken the livelihoods of farmers through transgenic contamination for which Monsanto has stated they are not liable for. Monsanto is an outright evil company using GMOs clearly as a profit making scam and Bill Gates is then no better than they are.

Monsanto is also exacerbating climate change in deforesting huge swaths of land in Argentina, Paraguay, etc., in order to plant GM soy and corn used to feed cattle, not people. We do not need GMOs to feed the world. With one billion plus hungry people on this planet even WITH them, it is proof positive they are not in this to save peoples’ lives or “feed” them but to keep them in control. Lack of access to food is the main driver of hunger in this world. That and lack of access to food sovereignty (sustainable agriculture) in developing nations. Bill Gates is an accomplice in a world wide monoculture/environmental crisis and what one day could become a monoculture famine. I give him no credit for this.

Monsanto is already being sued for biopiracy in India as they are stealing traits from drought tolerant crops and claiming them as their own through patents. Patenting nature is also not the move of any company looking to feed anything but their own bank accounts and they are now using climate change as their reason for pushing these seeds in countries where farmers do not want them. Global resistance to GMOS is vociferous because they are a danger to our planet and our health. Bill Gates can play ignorant on this all he wishes. Those who know about this will not be silent in allowing him, Monsanto and other companies pushing these dangerous seeds on the world to now use climate change to do it. This is one reason why corporations and their 1% loving political cronies are doing all in their power to keep the truth of its effects out of the public eye as much as possible.

Nature has the answers to addressing the effects we are already seeing regarding climate change. Mexico is now seeing its worst drought in 70 years and its tradiitonal corn has already been dessimated by Monsanto's toxic BT corn.

This is a call to action to tell Obama, Congress and this USDA that we will no longer tolerate their clandestine cronyism in using this planet as a petrie dish and committing biopiracy to take advantage of a crisis we already have real solutions for.

GMOS ARE USELESS. Take back your food.

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