Thursday, February 6, 2014

Commentary From Salk Institute: Why We Need GMO Labels

Why We Need GMO Labels

David Schubert/Salk Institute for Biological Studies: Seed producers say there's scientific consensus on GMO safety

Schubert: There is no evidence that GM food is safe for human consumption

He says GM labeling will allow consumers to make an informed choice about what they eat

Schubert: It is critical for the public to educate itself about the realities of GMOs


My Comment:

It would seem to me that "no consensus on safety" translates to banning them. Labels are imperative at this point, I do agree with that. However, from a scientific viewpoint these organisms should not be in our environment at all. The precautionary principle gave way to the political mantras of "substantial equivalence" and "GRAS" -Generally Regarded As Safe in order to facilitate the unhealthy and criminal connection between these chemical companies and the governments they rule.

While I firmly support labels in the end the only action that will save this planet from further chemical overload and biodiversity loss is to BAN these organisms before that genie gets too much farther out of the bottle. As Rachel Carson stated, this war on nature is inevitably also a war against ourselves. Labels will be our warning and a way to perhaps bring our agricultural policy to a more sustainable model but it definitely cannot be the final step.

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