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Manipulate And Mislead: How GMOs Are Infiltrating Africa

Manipulate And Mislead:How GMOs Are Infiltrating Africa

by Haidee Swanby, Mariann Bassey Orovwuje

The most persistent myth about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is that they are necessary to feed a growing global population. Highly effective marketing campaigns have drilled it into our heads that GMOs will produce more food on less land in an environmentally friendly manner. The mantra has been repeated so often that it is considered to be truth. Now this mantra has come to Africa, sung by the United States government and multinational corporations like Monsanto, seeking to open new markets for a product that has been rejected by so many others around the globe.

While many countries have implemented strict legal frameworks to regulate GMOs, African nations have struggled with the legal, scientific and infrastructural resources to do so. This has delayed the introduction of GMOs into Africa, but it has also provided the proponents of GMOs a plum opportunity to offer their assistance, in the process helping to craft laws on the continent that promote the introduction of barely regulated GMOs and create investor-friendly environments for agribusiness. Their line is that African governments must adopt GMOs as a matter of urgency to deal with hunger and that laws implementing pesky and expensive safety measures, or requiring assessments of socio-economic impacts, will only act as obstructions. To date only seven African countries have complete legal frameworks to deal with GMOs and only four – South Africa, Burkina Faso, Egypt and Sudan - have approved commercial cultivation of a GM crop.

"The mantra that GMOs are necessary for food security is hijacking the policy space that should be providing appropriate solutions for the poorest farmers."

The drive to open markets for GMOs in Africa is not only happening through “assistance” resulting in permissive legal frameworks for GMOs, but also through an array of “philanthropical” projects, most of them funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. One such project is Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA), funded by Gates in collaboration with Monsanto. Initially the project sought to develop drought tolerant maize varieties in five pilot countries, but as the project progressed it incorporated one of Monsanto’s most lucrative commercial traits into the mix – MON810, which enables the plant to produce its own pesticide. Interestingly, MON810 has recently come off patent, but Monsanto retains ownership when it is stacked with another gene, in this case, drought tolerance. WEMA has provided a convenient vehicle for the introduction of Monsanto’s controversial product, but it has also used its influence to shape GM related policy in the countries where it works. The project has refused to run field trials in Tanzania and Mozambique until those countries amend their “strict liability” laws, which will make WEMA, and future companies selling GMOs, liable for any damages they may cause. WEMA has also complained to governments about clauses in their law that require assessment of socio-economic impacts of GMOs, saying that assessment and approvals should be based solely on hard science, which is also often influenced or financed by the industry.

African civil society and smallholders' organisations are fighting for the kind of biosafety legislation that will safeguard health and environment against the potential risks of GMOs, not the kind that promotes the introduction of this wholly inappropriate technology. About 80% of Africa’s food is produced by smallholders, who seldom farm on more than 5 hectares of land and usually on much less. The majority of these farmers are women, who have scant access to finance or secure land tenure. That they still manage to provide the lion's share of the continents’ food, usually without formal seed, chemicals, mechanisation, irrigation or subsidies, is testament to their resilience and innovation. African farmers have a lot to lose from the introduction of GMOs; the rich diversity of African agriculture, its robust resilience and the social cohesion engendered through cultures of sharing and collective effort could be replaced by a handful of monotonous commodity crops owned by foreign masters.

There is no doubt that African small-scale producers need much greater support in their efforts, but GM seeds, which are designed for large scale industrial production have no place in smallholder systems. The mantra that GMOs are necessary for food security is hijacking the policy space that should be providing appropriate solutions for the poorest farmers. Only a tiny fraction of farmers will ever afford the elite GM technology package – for example in South Africa, where over 85% of maize production is genetically modified, GM maize seed costs 2-5 times more than conventional seed, must be bought annually and requires the extensive use of toxic and expensive chemicals and fertilisers. What is more, despite 16 years of cultivating GM maize, soya and cotton, South Africa’s food security continues to decline, with some 46% of the population categorised as food insecure."

End of excerpt


It is beyond insidious what Monsanto and other companies in the big six with the help of wolves in sheep's clothing like Bill Gates are doing to undermine true progress in Africa and in other poverty stricken places in our world. These people are not saviors, they are grim reapers. They are privateers looking to expand their own empire of greed at the expense of all that is good in our world. Reality has proven that GM seeds are not only toxic to the biosphere but also toxic to social structures. In all of the years they have been used we have not seen a decline in world hunger. What we have seen is an increase in monoculture, transgenic contamination and the destruction of small holder farmers' lives.

Now they hide behind false initiatives regarding water and the environment also using climate change as a tool in their arsenal of deception. Their motivation is to profit off the misery of others. It is obvious they are not in Africa or anywhere else to provide hope to those who need it or to feed people. It is well known that the reason for food insecurity in these areas of the world is not lack of food but food policy that denies access along now with the effects of climate change which can be remedied with agroecology. Smallholder farmers on the whole do not want nor need GMOS. They do not want the new colonialism of contracts that bind them to pesticides, seeds and subservience to corporate slavery.

What the people of Africa need is known to them much better than Monsanto. How these companies are subverting governments and disregarding the people should be a wake up call especially in light of the TPP which would make this kind of invasion, this subtle war against the poor global.The solution lies in the hands of the farmers and the people to stand up to this war against the poor and our planet in order to stop the sociopaths intent on playing God and putting our very existence in the balance.

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Dark Act Subversion Of Democracy

Hearing On Examining Role Of FDA In Regulation Of Genetically Modified Food Ingredients

Above is the testimony given today at a session conducted by the Energy/Commerce Committee on regulation of GMO ingredients in food. This happened in reality because those who shill for big ag are scared that consumer education is revealing that Americans do care about the food they eat and give their children and do not want GMO ingredients and or want that disclosed on food packages. It also shows that we are much more literate regarding science (much more than the politicians on the payroll) than they ever thought we were. This Dark Act which was sponsored by Rep Mike Pompeo and another named Butterfield is a clear example of what pressure exerted by corporate sponsors brings: fascism.

Which is why the meeting should have been labeled, Hearing On Examining Role of FDA In Covering Up for Corporations Toxifying Our Food System For Monetary Gain At The Expense OF Our Health and Biodiversity. I watched a bit of the testimony given by Mr. Landa from the FDA and he was very cautious about how he parsed his answers. One was in response to a question regarding studies proving GMOs aren't safe in saying that "to his knowledge" there were no such studies... which of course means, yes, there are such studies but Monsanto which is holding a hammer over my head won't allow me to tell you about them. His own FDA had over 400 pages worth of effects that could come from GMOs when these organisms were first forced upon American consumers in the early nineties.

However, this isn't only about safe or not safe,this is about our right to know what we are eating and also the right to full disclosure. This act however would strip that away from us as consumers and citizens nullifying our freedom of choice while also making it illegal for states to enact GMO labeling laws. BTW, Rep Pompeo's biggest contributor is the "Free Market" loving Koch Industries... Amazing how they only care about the "free market" when it benefits them. Pompeo is also known as an adherent to states' rights... again, obviously only when it suits his own cause.

Bottomline, there are NO TESTS on humans that state unequivocally that GMOs are safe for human consumption and tests done independently on animals shows there is great cause for concern. The precautionary principle must be adhered to in regards to any product being put out for human consumption, especially involving proteins that are the building blocks of life and biodiversity. In light of this labels as a first step should definitely be required on all foods containing such ingredients... but then that is the thinking of someone who truly cares about life, Earth and health, not a Monsanto stooge.

There is still time to voice your objection to this power grab. This is not just about a label. No, it goes to the very heart of who we are in caring for our Earth and our food future.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Oregon- Say Yes To Food Freedom On November 4

Edit 12:8:14: Vote recount has YES within 800 votes. A huge victory for the people considering the millions pumped into misinformation campaigns by corporate sponsors. More to come.

All Eyes On Oregon As Voters Decide GMO Labeling

On Nov. 4, in the most expensive ballot measure campaign in Oregon history, voters will decide whether to force food manufacturers to label their products that contain genetically modified ingredients sold in the state.

If successful, Oregon would be the first in the nation to pass a labeling law at the ballot box.

It's the second time the issue has been on the ballot in Oregon, and the fourth time nationwide. Similar measures failed in Oregon in 2002, California in 2012 and Washington in 2013.

Last year, the Connecticut and Maine legislatures passed labeling laws, but they won't go into effect unless neighboring states also do so. More recently, the Vermont legislature approved a labeling bill, but it's being challenged in court.

Genetically modified ingredients are in most processed foods containing soy, corn or sugar.

The only way for consumers to know whether packaged food contains GMOs is to buy products labeled organic or with the independent Non GMO Project label.

The measure's proponents say consumers have the right to know how their food was produced.

Most GMO plants are bred to tolerate high doses of pesticides, they say.

"The public's right to have information to make informed decisions about the food they buy should take precedence over the efforts of agribusiness," said Sandeep Kaushik, spokesman for the Yes on Measure 92 campaign.

The requirement won't be a burden for manufacturers, which already label GMOs in 64 other countries, proponents say.

"Prices did not go up in those countries. Markets weren't disrupted. Farmers weren't hurt," Kaushik said. "U.S. food companies continue to sell their products in those countries and comply with labeling laws."

End of excerpt


While I support total banning of these dangerous organisms in our food I still stand with those looking to at least label foods containing them. I wish Oregon luck on November 4 and hope voters will not be intimidated by the desperate actions of companies that have no real science behind them which is why they can do nothing else but throw huge sums of money and push red herring misinformation to silence democracy. If you care about what you put in your body and its effect on your health and that of your children (I am dealing with digestive issues myself and can't help but wonder if it is because of GMOs and the poisons they are drowned in) and you live in Oregon this is your chance to finally speak loud and clear. This is also not just about Oregon, this is about setting a precedent for other states and for our country. If our elected leaders who promised to do this won't do it- WE WILL. Say YES to food freedom on November 4!

Friday, October 3, 2014

GMO=Greed Manipulated Organisms

The Genetically Modified/Monoculture world of the big six chemical companies is out of control with greed. GM potatoes, bananas, apples... you name it they are trying to kill it. This is not about feeding the world. This is about using their warped technology for profit. The fact that this technology is not proven to be safe does not seem to be stopping them either... of course, being able to grease the palms of regulatory agencies and politicians as well as using their unending wealth gleaned from poisoning this world to misinform the masses has also helped their greedy insidious cause. There is no other way to state this: OUR VERY NATURE IS AT STAKE. The very ecosystems that you need to survive are being sacrificed for a false choice. I have been scarce on this blog of late but that does not mean I am not paying attention to what is going on. I hope you are too.

Disease, pollution, monoculture. Is it really all worth it just to have these companies make a few extra dollars at the expense of your health and the biodiversity of our only home?

I think not.

They know the garbage they are feeding you. Are you going to sit silently and take it?... To be continued...

Protect Maui Farmers From GMO Poisoning

Shaka Movement

"The people of Hawaii are in the fight of our lives... a fight for our lives. We need the world's help. We need YOUR help. Major Agro Chemical companies have quietly turned Maui County into ground zero for GMO's - the largest open-air, experimental chemical and genetics test site in the world. Everything is being exposed to unknown and unregulated chemical combinations, as well as new life forms that have never before existed on the planet. It's clear our lands and reefs are being poisoned. The people, our visitors and our fragile environment are getting sick. We are doing everything we can to protect ourselves but the huge chemical companies are spending millions to influence the voters their way. They are relentless with their misinformation campaign and are saturating our community with propaganda. We need financial support. We need you to donate generously. We need your friends and family too, to support our campaign and all our efforts to educate our community. Thank you for your help. Thank you for acting now." End of excerpt.

Without their money these companies are nothing. If science were on their side they wouldn't need to throw it around and they know it. We know the truth as well.

Protect your Earth... SAY NO TO THIS POISONOUS BOMBARDMENT of our beautiful lands!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stop Field Trials Of GM Crops In India

Stop Field Trials Of Gm Crops In India

Petition by

Rajesh Krishnan

Bangalore, India

The assault on our food, farms and environment from risky GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) continues with the new government as well despite wide spread opposition to GM crop/food in the country as well as increasing evidence on its adverse impacts on our health and the environment.

Despite all this, on 18th July 2014, in the first meeting after the new government took charge, the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC), the nodal agency (under the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change) for all environmental releases of GMOs, approved numerous field trials of GM crops including GM varieties of rice, maize, chickpea, sugarcane and importantly, Brinjal (remember how we all collectively ensured that our food is not made toxic by Bt brinjal by securing a moratorium on the same in India?).

A recent compilation1 of more than 450 scientific studies showcases much evidence on the adverse impacts of GM crops/GM food to human health, environment farm livelihoods etc. Citizens’ voices and assertion in protecting their right to safe food forced the previous government to stop Bt Brinjal, the first GM food crop that came up for approval in India.

Now, Bt Brinjal along with GM varieties of many of our staples crops like rice, wheat, mustard, chickpea, maize and many vegetables are going to be let out in to the open in the name of experiments. Experiences from the past show that once let out into the open, GM crops can contaminate our regular varieties and end up in our food and environment2.

It is not just common citizens of the country who had opposed such field trials of GM crops but even the Technical Expert Committee set up by the Hon'ble Supreme Court as well as the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture.

It is clear now that whichever government is elected by the people, GEAC remains unaccountable and irresponsible and will not change from its habit of mindless promotion of GMOs.

In the past, it was the united voice of citizens all over the country that had stopped Bt Brinjal, the first GM food crops that came up for commercial approval. Similarly, we were all alert against the objectionable Biotechnology regualtory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill that was brought in to give easy approval for GMOs. The BJP government needs to be reminded of their promises and citizens' resolve to keep our food, farms and future safe from GMOs. After all, democracy is about making elected governments accountable to people, and getting our food and environment toxin-free is a basic right.

Various farmer unions, civil society groups and experts have already written to the Union Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change, to intervene and revoke the unscientific and unjustifiable go-ahead accorded by the Committee. All field trial clearances have to be annulled.

We need to act now. Sign the petition.


I am from the US but I also signed the above petition. We must join together globally to oppose the reckless spreading of transgenic pollution as well as the decrease of biodiversity and increase in monoculture that puts our global food supply in peril, especially regarding rapid climate changes ensuing on our planet. This is also a matter of food sovereignty.

There is also another concern as expressed in this report below:

Horizontal Transfer of GM DNA Widespread


Natural Genetic Modification and Hazards of GMOs

Horizontal Transfer of GM DNA Widespread


But No One is Looking, Almost

A culture of denial over the horizontal spread of genetically modified nucleic acids prevails in the face of direct evidence that it has occurred widely when appropriate methods and molecular probes are used for detection. Dr Mae Wan Ho

This article has been sent to Dr Kaare Nielsen in his capacity as a member of the European Food Safety Authority GMO Panel and he is given the right to reply

A culture of denial over the horizontal spread of GM nucleic acids

The first genetically modified (GM) crop was commercially approved and released into the environment 20 years ago. From the beginning, some of us have been warning repeatedly of hidden dangers from the unintended horizontal transfer of GM DNA (transgenes). A comprehensive review [1] Gene Technology and Gene Ecology of Infectious Diseases, ISIS scientific publication) and successive updates were submitted to the World Health Organization (WHO) and regulatory agencies in the US, UK and European Union (see [2] Ban GMOs Now, ISIS Report); all to no avail.

The position taken by regulators and their scientific advisors today is perhaps best represented in a recent publication [3] with lead author Kaare Nielson at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, who both advises Genøk-Centre for Biosafety and serves as member of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) GMO panel.

The paper, entitled “Detecting rare gene transfer events in bacterial populations”, recognizes that horizontal gene transfer is part of the risk assessment for GMOs, and that the large-scale cultivation of GM-plants on more than 170 m ha worldwide results in “multitudinous opportunities for bacterial exposure to recombinant DNA and therefore opportunities for unintended horizontal dissemination of transgenes.” It admits that horizontal gene transfer has indeed been demonstrated in the laboratory. “But in natural settings, negative or inconclusive evidence has been reported from most sampling-based studies of agricultural soils, runoff water and gastrointestinal tract contents.”

It tells us that horizontal gene transfer research “suffers from significant methodological limitations, model uncertainty and knowledge gaps.” In particular, on account of the “low mechanistic probability of horizontal complex environments”, it would take “months, years, or even longer for the few initially transformed cells to divide and numerically out- compete non-transformed members of the population” for them to be “detectable.” The rest of the paper mentions a mathematical model based on those very assumptions, the most important being the very low probability of horizontal transfer; which has been contradicted by empirical evidence, most decisively from a study in China reported in 2012 [4].

I have reviewed the positive and circumstantial evidence for horizontal transfer of GM nucleic acids thoroughly in [2]. The present report updates on important new developments.

Even short and damaged DNA is readily transferred, but GM DNA still ignored

End of excerpt

Neil deGrasse Tyson Tells Us To "Chill Out" About GMOs....

UPDATE 8:4:14: Neil DeGrasse Tyson then proceeded to place a posting on his Facebook page which was instantly taken over by industry reps and Internet plants all at the ready to harp on and attack anyone who dared to give information regarding GMOs and their health effects and effects on biodiversity. People attacking scientists like Dr. Vandana Shiva who knows more about this than they ever will...just like Monsanto does...Reaks of a set up to me by them using his comment as some sort of agreement with their chemically soaked monoculture agenda. But then, after doing some reading I also wondered as well...perhaps it also has something to do with the fact that some atheists are for GMOs simply because they place their own preconceived notions about nature ahead of the facts? They don't care whether they are really safe or not- they just (in their minds) think they are "killing God" and can do it better than "he" can? Either that or NDT really is unaware about the difference between hybridization and cross species gene insertion as we see it today.

Ironic too, isn't it? People daily preaching about how religion has done so much to harm humanity (and I agree regarding using it to cover up other agendas)... Now atheists and trans-humanists who think they are above it all think that nature can be owned and bent to their will and are willing to destroy the very fabric of life to prove they are omnipotent. How ignorant they who think that are because it isn't even about the petty religions we invent here either. Nature and its mysteries and processes go far beyond our knowledge and it would serve us all well to remember that, respect it and work with not against it. Carl Sagan (who I respect and miss) was an agnostic but he still respected points of view and called on us to be skeptical and didn't parrot the corporate line. Some should remember that and that they are not above it all. Monoculture is the antithesis to caring about nature and there is nothing natural about how this is being done-and it will come back to haunt us.

Another quote from this brilliant physicist who understood nature and the limits of technology.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Tells Us To "Chill Out" About GMOs....

Can it really be true that an astrophysicist who claims correctly that NATURE is the ultimate arbiter is totally oblivious to what cross species gene manipulation being used in seeds really is and how far it is being taken with concern for the effects on humans, other species and biodiversity? I am not even a scientist and I understand this process and the consequences of manipulating Nature. Again, fusing together traits form one genus of say a pea plant and that of another pea plant in the SAME GENUS AND SPECIES has been done for centuries and is actually how we have seen biodiversity grow on our planet. That is NOT the contention regarding the CROSS SPECIES fusing and manipulation being done now that walks a tightrope of morality, humanity and the precautionary principle.

After listening to what he said on this I can come to no other conclusion but that he is out of the loop regarding what is truly happening in this field and the potential genetic harm it can do in generations to come. To also characterize it as "fear" on the part of those who are skeptical and question it (which even Dr. Carl Sagan stated we must do) is a bit unfair because genuine concern for man's arrogant manipulation of nature is something all scientists should also possess. We are already seeing health effects and effects on gut bacteria and protein expression due to such manipulations. How can he sit there and not even utter one word about such concerns regarding crossing the line?

He may know all there is to know about the COSMOS, but I would suggest that he take some time to understand what is happening on Earth in the hands of men who do not share the view that Nature is the arbiter because they think THEY are and also speak to those scientists who understand the order of nature, its awesomeness, beauty and the limitations humans must understand in breaking certain moral barriers. As a scientist but especially as a sentient human being who knows the incredible process that Nature is, this should be a concern and a red flag. There are simply some areas where science and Nature should converge to preserve each other. This current road we are on where man deems to be ruler of all including Nature is a road to ruin. Nature is the final arbiter, judge and jury- and our reckless pursuit to control her not caring about the consequences will be our own undoing. So, "chill out?" Not likely.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A New Resistance-Please Support

Rachel Carson's warnings about a Silent Spring still ring loudly in 2014. For far too long we have been at the mercy of those who use political ties, pseudo science and deceptive PR in dictating what is consumed by us and our children. People need to know just what the effects of that consumption are having on their bodies and their planet. It is time for a New Resistance. I support this project. I hope you will too.

A New Resistance/Fundraising


I notice donations to this project have increased by $5000.00 since posting this entry. That's great!

It is imperative to relay the truth because our ecosystems are at stake.

Glyphosate herbicide affects below ground interactions between earthworms and symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi in a model ecosystem

Monday, June 30, 2014

African Farmers & Environmentalists Speak Out Against a New Green Revolution in Africa

Voices From Africa: African Farmers & Environmentalists Speak Out Against a New Green Revolution in Africa

This report issues a direct challenge to Western-led plans for a genetically engineered revolution in African agriculture, particularly the recent misguided philanthropic efforts of the Gates Foundation's Alliance for a New Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), and presents African resistance and solutions rooted in first-hand knowledge of what Africans need.


Farmers know what they need. Truly sustainable agriculture, local food, urban farming, seed saving, self determination and to escape the new slavery of the corporate elitists seeking to use them not only as a scientific experiment but for their own profit.

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Obama Leaves Monsanto In Charge Of Ending Hunger in Africa

No More Genetically Modified Clintons or Bushes

Want your food to be healthy? Well then you can't vote for the chemical company/biotech owned two party system the US has in place and have any assurance they will fight for your health.

All we get every four years are the same billion dollar campaigns filled with soundbites, false promises and outright lies. It only ends when WE WAKE UP.

Obama pledged to label GMOs- nothing. All the way from the first Bush to now we have seen nothing but ring kissing and genuflecting to the companies that do nothing but poison our environment and biodiversity all for campaign cash. They serve the biotech/chemical/agribusiness triumvirate lobby while they eat organic. They peddle their garbage to your children while they eat organic. They give campaign speeches about caring about this Earth then do all in their power to destroy it. Have you not had ENOUGH? I have.

No more genetically modifying our White House!

Hillary Clinton Serves As Cheerleader For GMOs/But What's She Eating At Home?

LAST DAY To Tell EPA TO Keep DOW 24-D Crop Off The Market

UPDATE: 10/3/14: Food Safety Experts Slam USDA over 2,4-D GM Crops Approval

Obvious the USDA does not care about food safety or health. TIME TO BOYCOTT CORN GROWN IN THE US.


Tell EPA: Keep Dow's 2,4-D crops off the market

Right now, EPA is reviewing Dow's "new use" application for 2,4-D to be used with the corporation's genetically engineered (GE) corn and soybeans. Before the public comment period closes on June 30, will you speak up to protect farmers and healthy communities?

The stakes are staggering. Scientists estimate that widespread planting of Dow’s 2,4-D corn could trigger a 25-fold increase in the pesticide's use, from an estimated 4.2 million lbs at present to over 100 million lbs by 2019.

USDA has signaled it will likely approve the seeds, but without EPA greenlighting the "new use" of 2,4-D to accompany these crops, they'll never go to market.

End of excerpt


What a shame that an agency entitled 'Environmental Protection' has to be told what to do regarding matters such as this. If you haven't already done so please sign this to keep this Agent Orange derivative out of our seeds, air, water and lungs. Today is the last day in the "comment period."

Factsheet on 24-D

Remember these words: Long range drift and bioaccumulation.

PROPAGANDA film by DOW from 1947! Look how they spray this toxin with NO coverage on their bodies. Wonder how long those who sprayed this actually lived without some sort of health effects. DOW, Monsanto, et al started this "chemical warfare" against nature after WW2 when there were huge supplies of chemicals left over and eventually used this as a component of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War, the effects of which are still being seen FOUR generations later. They needed a way to get rid of them to continue their own profit stream... what better way than to spray it liberally on our fields in the US and making these misrepresentative videos on weeds being the "enemy." This is what you get when you have chemical companies that are part of the military industrial complex. Again, remember- bioaccumulation and long range drift which hits more than the target and eventually does have effects on soil. Imagine, spraying this liberally with it drifting into water, soil and air since 1947. Notice also not ONE WORD about long term health effects on humans and other non targeted species. This is insidious.

Now, they want you TO EAT IT without telling you it is in your food. Stop them.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Seralini Study On Long-term Toxicity of a Roundup Herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant Genetically Modified Maize Republished

Republication of Professor Séralini’s study: Time to be responsible

Paris, 24 June 2014

The 2012 study on the chronic toxicity of Roundup herbicide and the genetically modified Roundup-tolerant maize NK603 by Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini and colleagues has been republished by the Springer group, with open access to its raw data. Now there will be a few embarrassing questions for the authorities.

After two years of controversy and pressure that led to the retraction of the study in November 2013, which was first published in 2012 by the Food and Chemical Toxicology (Elsevier group) journal, the research team of Professor Séralini has announced that they have republished the study in the Journal “Environmental Sciences Europe”, published by the Springer Group.

By republishing their study with some new data which are available online, the team of Professor Séralini confirms that the world’s best-selling pesticide, Roundup, causes severe liver and kidney deficiencies and hormonal disturbances, such as breast tumours, at low environmentally relevant levels. Similar effects were observed from the chronic consumption of Roundup-tolerant GM maize. This is due to residues of Roundup and to the specific genetic modification of this maize. The formulations of Roundup, as well as Roundup-tolerant GMOs, should therefore be considered endocrine (hormone) disruptors and should be re-evaluated for safety by the health authorities.

Winfried Schröder, editor of the journal Environmental Sciences Europe of the Springer Group, stated: ‘’We want to enable a rational discussion about the study of Séralini et al. (Food Chem Toxicol 2012, 50:4221–4231) by republishing it. This methodological competition is the energy necessary for any scientific progress. The sole purpose is to enable some scientific transparency and on this basis, a discussion that does not try to hide, but focuses on these needed methodological controversies.”

The research team of Prof Séralini made the choice of an open access publication in a peer-reviewed journal, which arranged the third peer-reviewed assessment of the study. The researchers have published online the raw data of the study with free access for the entire scientific community – something that the industry has always refused to do, claiming commercial confidentiality or intellectual property restrictions. But is there any real secret to keep ? How could the results of a health study violate an industrial secret ? Is industry hiding the actual toxicity of compounds that accumulate in our bodies and our environment?

End of excerpt.


Republished Study: Long-term Toxicity of a Roundup Herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant Genetically Modified Maize



The health effects of a Roundup-tolerant NK603 genetically modified (GM) maize (from 11% in the diet), cultivated with or without Roundup application and Roundup alone (from 0.1 ppb of the full pesticide containing glyphosate and adjuvants) in drinking water, were evaluated for 2 years in rats. This study constitutes a follow-up investigation of a 90-day feeding study conducted by Monsanto in order to obtain commercial release of this GMO, employing the same rat strain and analyzing biochemical parameters on the same number of animals per group as our investigation. Our research represents the first chronic study on these substances, in which all observations including tumors are reported chronologically. Thus, it was not designed as a carcinogenicity study. We report the major findings with 34 organs observed and 56 parameters analyzed at 11 time points for most organs.


Biochemical analyses confirmed very significant chronic kidney deficiencies, for all treatments and both sexes; 76% of the altered parameters were kidney-related. In treated males, liver congestions and necrosis were 2.5 to 5.5 times higher. Marked and severe nephropathies were also generally 1.3 to 2.3 times greater. In females, all treatment groups showed a two- to threefold increase in mortality, and deaths were earlier. This difference was also evident in three male groups fed with GM maize. All results were hormone- and sex-dependent, and the pathological profiles were comparable. Females developed large mammary tumors more frequently and before controls; the pituitary was the second most disabled organ; the sex hormonal balance was modified by consumption of GM maize and Roundup treatments. Males presented up to four times more large palpable tumors starting 600 days earlier than in the control group, in which only one tumor was noted. These results may be explained by not only the non-linear endocrine-disrupting effects of Roundup but also by the overexpression of the EPSPS transgene or other mutational effects in the GM maize and their metabolic consequences.


Our findings imply that long-term (2 year) feeding trials need to be conducted to thoroughly evaluate the safety of GM foods and pesticides in their full commercial formulations.

Keywords: Genetically modified; GMO; Roundup; NK603; Rat; Glyphosate-based herbicides; Endocrine disruption


This is why Monsanto and their minions fought so hard to have this study retracted when it was originally published. This is why they and others are now pumping millions into US state initiatives to fight the labeling of GM foods. They know Dr. Seralini is correct in his findings. The republication of this study is vindication for scientific research and truth. It is also clear proof to me that these organisms must be BANNED in order to protect the health of humans and other species and the biodiversity of our planet due to bioaccumulation and longterm effects we have yet to see.

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Muzzled By Monsanto

Monday, June 16, 2014

Vermont's Landmark GMO Labeling Law Target Of Lawsuit By Food Trade Groups

Vermont's Landmark GMO Labeling Law Target Of Lawsuit By Food Trade Groups

"A group of four national trade organizations sued the state of Vermont over its new law requiring labels on foods with genetically modified ingredients, scheduled to go into effect in July 2016. They claim the requirement is unconstitutional.

Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), the Snack Food Association (SFA), International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) say that food made with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are safe and do not need to be specially labeled. The Vermont legislature passed the bill in April, and Gov. Peter Shumlin (D-Vt.) signed it into law at the beginning of May.

"I am proud of Vermont for being the first state in the nation to ensure that Vermonters will know what is in their food. The Legislature has spoken loud and clear through its passage of this bill," he said in a statement after the bill passed.

Legislators knew that major food companies like Monsanto Co. and DuPont Co - the leading producers of GMO crops - were likely to challenge the law in courts. Attorney General William Sorrell said he advised lawmakers while they deliberated the bill that it would invite a lawsuit from affected companies, "and it would be a heck of a fight, but we would zealously defend the law," he noted Thursday, according to the Burlington Free Press.

To defend the legislation, Vermont allocated a $1.5 million legal defense fund in the measure, to be paid for with settlements won by the state. However, even this amount might not be enough to cover the state’s legal bills.

The trade groups involved in the lawsuit called the labeling requirement “a costly and misguided measure that will set the nation on a path toward a 50-state patchwork of GMO labeling policies that do nothing to advance the health and safety of consumers,” GMA said in a statement."

End of excerpt


Amazing that the previous entry concerned the case of a farmer exercising his right of free speech with Monsanto doing all in its power to stop that free speech. Now they along with the GMA use free speech as their excuse to continue hiding the true effects of genetic modification of our seeds and the effects of Glyphosate on our health.

Bottomline, consumers have the right to know what they are eating. There is no substantial equivalence between GMOs and conventional seeds. Substantial equivalence is a legal term that has not one longterm test done on humans proving GMOs are safe to back it up. Also, Vermont's law is important because it is the first GMO labeling law without the trigger mechanism included as in the Maine and Connecticut law which requires border states to pass laws before their laws become enforceable.

Make no mistake, this is not about safety, health or science to these huge corporations. This is about money. But again, if GMOs are so "safe" why not label them to allow people to decide for themselves whether they wish to consume them? If there is no difference in them why are they even being used? Surely, if safety can be proven there is no need to worry about losing profit.

These companies are running scared because their deception is being challenged. This is a decision voted on by a state legislature in accordance with the will of the people of the state of Vermont. How totally fascist of them to seek to reverse it. This time they must not win. This time we must not see money and influence win out over common sense and democracy. Vermont is standing up to fight this attack on our right to disclosure and we all must join them!

We have the right to know what we and our children are eating. We have the right to label foods. We have the right to NOT be science experiments. We have the right to NOT wish to be poisoned to death. We have the right to NOT see our children come down with allergies and other illnesses. We have the right to expect the precautionary principle to be respected. Our Earth and our children are worth fighting for-and we will fight.

Food Fight Fund

Monday, June 2, 2014

West Australian Organic Farmer Loses Court Fight

West Australian Organic Farmer Loses Court Fight

AN organic farmer has lost a landmark case against the neighbour and former friend he accused of contaminating his crop with genetically-modified canola.

The decision was delivered in the Supreme Court of Western Australia this afternoon after a closely-observed civil case.

Changerup farmer Steve Marsh claimed he lost organic certification for more than half of his farm – Eagles Rest - after GM canola drifted onto his land from the property of Michael Baxter.

Four years ago, Mr Marsh’s oats, rye and sheep farm, about 3.5 hours drive southeast of Perth, was certified organic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia.

He alleged he lost that certification when GM seeds blew 1.5km inside his property.

Mr Marsh and his wife claimed damages from Mr Baxter and a permanent injunction against his future swathing of genetically modified canola on his land.

Justice Kenneth Martin described the crops from the Baxter’s property as “entirely benign”. He found the decision to withdraw organic certification was made by the NASAA/NCO and it was that decision that cost the Marsh’s about $85,000 in reduced income.

Justice Martin said there was “a very strong body of evidence in this trial to suggest that there was no legitimate contractual basis for NCO to decertify, for nearly three years, paddocks 7 to 13 of Eagle Rest, as regards a use for pasture or for crops”.

Croplife Australia described the verdict as a victory for commonsense.

“It confirms the longstanding tradition of coexistence of all farming methods. The decision however reinforces the need for the Federal Government to take urgent action to prevent future unnecessary conflict caused by Australia’s flawed organic standards,” Matthew Cossey, Chief Executive of CropLife Australia said.

Justice Martin also found the scientific evidence led at the trial showed “none of the Marshes’ crops or sheep at Eagle Rest could acquire any genetic traits of RR (GM) canola.”

The Australian Greens immediately expressed disappointment at the verdict.

“Today’s decision reiterates the fact that the rights of non-GM farmers are not being protected, and the system needs to change,” Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens agriculture spokesperson said.

“It is clear that non-GMO farmers such as Steve Marsh face significant financial impacts if their crops are contaminated.

“Serious concerns remain about the use of GM crops in Australia, and to address this the Greens are calling for the reinstatement of the moratorium on GM crops in WA and changes to the laws governing liability and food labelling in order to protect the choices of farmers and consumers across the state.”

End of excerpt


I do not find this verdict surprising but that does not mean I am not upset by it. It is a travesty of justice to decide a case the way this one was with no concern for the injured party whatsoever. Very telling. Make no mistake about it, this judgement was not for the farmer named Baxter, this was a decision for MONSANTO which BTW sues farmers at the drop of a hat if there is even a hint that their GMO cr#p has blown onto someone's land. I wonder how many phone calls the judge got in the months since the trial began? I also have to say I don't think Mr. Marsh had as good a defense as he should have had. Transgenic contamination is a global problem and his is not the first incidence, although the way this trial appeared to be rigged from the start I would bet no other incidences would be allowed as evidence. For the judge to dismiss this entirely shows a blatant bias. Mr. Baxter had a duty to make sure transgenic pollution did not drift onto Mr. Marsh's property and he should also have been aware of the effects of that transgenic contamination on organic crops. So now Mr. Baxter will continue to be allowed to plant GM canola to blow it's invasive genes into the wild while Mr. Marsh has what?

This decision wasn't about farmer's rights, this decision was about maintaining the control by the biotech industry of our global food supply and PROFIT. It is also obvious from the decision that the judge admitted there is no substantial equivalence between GM and NON GM seeds. That in and of itself should at least have warranted stipulations on the part of Mr. Baxter to grow his GM spawn seeds within a certain distance. However, again, this was clearly not based on justice but to please Monsanto which may I remind the judge DOES NOT OWN LIFE.

I suppose the next step in this fight then is to simply boycott all products grown by farmers who continue to bow to them and sell their souls. For these farmers who grow GM to state that farmers should be able to grow what they choose are lying. They don't want that. They only care about profit at the expense of seed saving and biodiversity. They now stand against everything farming represents. They should be shunned. We need to Diversify from Monsanto and also the farmers who support their toxic legacy.

There are also precedents that should have been mentioned in this trial. Specifically, that of the case of Percy Schmeiser in Canada:

Steve Marsh is appealing this decision and I wish him the best. To Mr. Baxter, perhaps a little perspective on your part is in order. You side with the enemy of nature against one of your own and the biodiversity of this planet. Remember that every morning when you wake up and look in the mirror.

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

March Against Monsanto-May 24

March Against Monsanto

This is not just a march against Monsanto, this is a march against the greed, apathy and criminality of corporate entities in league with corrupt governments that sell out our biodiversity and destroy our health for a false choice. This is a march against the lies and crimes of the big seven Chemical companies that have destroyed this planet for profit. This is a march FOR our children, our air, our water, our climate and our seeds.

Whether you can physically march or not, there are still ways to be a part of this and make your voice heard. The people are making progress globally despite the misinformation and large dollars of these companies!

See link above for more information.

Vandana Shiva’s Message for the March against Monsanto