Saturday, June 23, 2012

Senate Votes Down Sanders-Boxer Amendment To Farm Bill Requiring GMO Labelling

Senate Votes Down Sanders-Boxer Amendment To Farm Bill Requiring GMO Labelling

This really is no surprise. You can see how the votes went at the link. However, some of the Democrats who voted this down surprised me (Al Franken specifically) especially when they had amendments to this bill they wanted passed.

The California ballot initiative this November to label GMOs is now our best chance to make this a national referendum on GMO labelling for our food, specifically baby formula. There is not one company that makes baby formula that GM soy is not used in it. And yes I know, breast feeding is always best, but for some mothers that is not an option and they should have alternatives that are healthy for their baby.

And regardless of the fact that this amendment was voted down, I applaud Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer for putting it out here and raising awareness of a very important health and environmental issue facing this country. Disclosure of the ingredients in our food is also a cornerstone of a Democratic society. Sad to see so many in this Congress bought and sold by the Monsantos of the world. It is time to vote them all out regardless of party. This is about principle.

Best scene to describe the orafice from which this hatred of nature and humanity springs from.

FDA to Americans: What 1 million Signatures?

And the FDA dismissed the one million signatures collected from the Just Label It Campaign. They claimed it only counted as "one comment" in their system. One million Americans dismissed with the snap of a finger as they now work to approve DOW'S Agent Orange seeds. You know, people balk at boycotting and think of it as some long ago activist action. However, in this case with so many Americans rightfully concerned about this, I think boycotting besides suing the hell out of all of them is actually all we have right now besides education and rooting for farmers in other countries like Brazil, France and Germany who aren't afraid to stand up to them.

Bill Maher talking about GMO Labelling. Thank you... at last! Oh and BTW, this guy Gillespie is ignorant beyond belief on this. Bill Maher, time to have Jeffrey Smith on your show to educate about this. Independent tests have shown kidney and liver failure in mammals. Third generation infertility. That these organisms are not breaking down in the gut bacteria of animals.

That in science the precautionary principle should be used in a case like this because there is absolutely no evidence to state that GMOs are safe down the line. Which was why the FDA's own scientists had a 400 page report on the effects that was ignored to push this out on us. Scientists have also found health effects from Round Up which is sprayed on the BT crops including brain damage and abnormalities in fish and even androgynous effects.

So hell yes, we need a label on this crap. But Monsanto and now DOW, Bayer, Dupont etc. all know that this so called myth of "substantial equivalency" would be null and void if the "food" was labelled which would negate their entire scam and their profit motive. All I can say is, please, if you live in California, come November make it a point to vote yes on the ballot to label GMOs.

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