Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dark Act Subversion Of Democracy

Hearing On Examining Role Of FDA In Regulation Of Genetically Modified Food Ingredients

Above is the testimony given today at a session conducted by the Energy/Commerce Committee on regulation of GMO ingredients in food. This happened in reality because those who shill for big ag are scared that consumer education is revealing that Americans do care about the food they eat and give their children and do not want GMO ingredients and or want that disclosed on food packages. It also shows that we are much more literate regarding science (much more than the politicians on the payroll) than they ever thought we were. This Dark Act which was sponsored by Rep Mike Pompeo and another named Butterfield is a clear example of what pressure exerted by corporate sponsors brings: fascism.

Which is why the meeting should have been labeled, Hearing On Examining Role of FDA In Covering Up for Corporations Toxifying Our Food System For Monetary Gain At The Expense OF Our Health and Biodiversity. I watched a bit of the testimony given by Mr. Landa from the FDA and he was very cautious about how he parsed his answers. One was in response to a question regarding studies proving GMOs aren't safe in saying that "to his knowledge" there were no such studies... which of course means, yes, there are such studies but Monsanto which is holding a hammer over my head won't allow me to tell you about them. His own FDA had over 400 pages worth of effects that could come from GMOs when these organisms were first forced upon American consumers in the early nineties.

However, this isn't only about safe or not safe,this is about our right to know what we are eating and also the right to full disclosure. This act however would strip that away from us as consumers and citizens nullifying our freedom of choice while also making it illegal for states to enact GMO labeling laws. BTW, Rep Pompeo's biggest contributor is the "Free Market" loving Koch Industries... Amazing how they only care about the "free market" when it benefits them. Pompeo is also known as an adherent to states' rights... again, obviously only when it suits his own cause.

Bottomline, there are NO TESTS on humans that state unequivocally that GMOs are safe for human consumption and tests done independently on animals shows there is great cause for concern. The precautionary principle must be adhered to in regards to any product being put out for human consumption, especially involving proteins that are the building blocks of life and biodiversity. In light of this labels as a first step should definitely be required on all foods containing such ingredients... but then that is the thinking of someone who truly cares about life, Earth and health, not a Monsanto stooge.

There is still time to voice your objection to this power grab. This is not just about a label. No, it goes to the very heart of who we are in caring for our Earth and our food future.

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