Thursday, November 8, 2012

Defeat of Proposition 37-Not the end for food justice

The defeat of proposition 37 due once again to huge amounts of money being infused by Monsanto, DOW et al in order to protect their own profits using lies and misinformation is not a surprise. Their food fascism is now well in place. The level of destruction these untested organisms has levelled upon the biosphere from the changing of soil organisms, to transgenic contamination even in the wild, to pest resistance, to superweeds all the way up to affecting the animals that consume them and changes in the plants themselves is something these companies will protect with all they have. It is why their mythological "substantial equivalence" label was stamped on them when the USSC gave them the right to patent life itself for profit in order to hide that they are far from substantially equivalent.

These organisms are unstable and untested in harsh environments. Where the invading traits from the bacteria or other species would wind up in the DNA sequence of the plant and the effects of this over time is anyone's guess. Such an unprecise science begs for the precautionary principle and yet we have seen none of that where this is concerned.

To say these organisms cause no health problems with no data to back that up is to be totally ignorant of just how far "plausible deniability" is being used by these companies and the industry to foist these untested organisms on us without our consent or knowledge. Scientific testing has already shown infertility and allergies in third generation mammals. Increases in obesity, diabetes, cancer, digestive disorders as well can all be explained away as being caused by other externalities. It is what Monsanto did in the case of Anniston, Alabama after dumping PCBS in their water and on their land.

The 'GRAS' or Generally Regarded As Safe label is also a red herring designed to push these organisms through without fully testing them. Tests have also shown the BT toxin in the blood of pregnant women and the gut bacteria of animals still contains the toxin even though these companies contend it is passed through. This on the heels of studies stating we eat our weight in GMOs every year (and that is particularly concerning regarding children). There is simply no way to state that there are absolutely no health effects to consuming these organisms because we do not have quantitative studies showing longterm effects which were not done prior to the approval of these organisms!

From what we are now seeing any scientist who dares to do so is quickly intimidated and dismissed. From Armad Putztai to Giles Serallini to Dr. Ignatio Chapela and others there has been a concerted intimidation and discreditation smear campaign put forth against them. From the Starlink disaster all the way up to the farmer suicides in India we are seeing an epidemic that is killing our biodiversity and bringing death and poverty. We cannot survive in a monoculture world but that is exactly what we are making by continuing to ignore this.

Standing up to at least have these foods labelled is essential in not only giving people the right to know what is in their food but how it is made. However, since this proposition was defeated it will fall on consumers who are aware to spread this information so we can use our wallets to make sure their secrecy and deception no longer brings them profits on the backs of the poor and our environment. I just hope it isn't too late.


Is it really too late?

Ballots in California Still Uncounted

How is it possible to call initiatives and elections when there are still votes to be counted?


  1. I suspect one of the factors that caused Prop 37 to fail is that many consumers don't realize how much GMO food they are already eating. My company did a survey that found that 50% incorrectly thought that natural foods are GMO-free:

  2. We don't have to worry about these food producers since many people are getting aware of the hazardous GMO use. Recently, daily express also mentioned that GM crops includes a "significant fragment of a viral gene" known as Gene VI, a new viral DNA in GMO foods causing food contamination. Here I have found some of the shocking facts about GMO corn risks & problems with GMO foods.


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