Thursday, August 22, 2013

Obama's USDA Continuing To Poison The Masses

The USDA gives notice to the public that a genetically engineered soybean line developed by Bayer CropScience LP, resistant to the herbicides glyphosate and isoxaflutole, is no longer considered a regulated article under regulations governing the introduction of certain GMOs. Most consumers are aware of Glyphosate as it is commonly presented as Monsanto's systemic herbicide product Roundup. But many are unaware of Isoxaflutole which is an herbicide used on corn fields. According to the EPA Isoxaflutole demonstrates developmental toxicity and has been classified as a Group B2 carcinogen (probable human carcinogen). The data from 1998 indicated that isoxaflutole was very phytotoxic. Isoxaflutole is persistent and mobile, and may leach and accumulate in groundwater and through surface water. What is this product doing in our food, water and environment and why has it been deregulated by the USDA?

Read more from the USDA public notice: USDA Public Notice

Read more about Isoxaflutole: Isoxaflutole


So you think toppling the evil Monsanto will end this? Monsanto is just one of a myriad of companies looking to poison us. This is another reason why labeling cannot be the only focus of this fight for food sovereignty and safety. DOW, Bayer, Dupont, Syngenta, BASF, the other five that make up the top six companies poisoning you need our attention as well and these poisons must be banned. Focusing just on Monsanto only gives these companies license to move in the shadows. THEY ALL MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. There is now only one thing left to do if you read this. Do not purchase any processed foods with the word soybean in them. You truly do not know what you are consuming.

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