Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Doctors And Scientists Call For A Rethink On GE Foods

Doctors And Scientists Call For A Rethink On GE Foods

May 2011

A landmark scientific study in Canada is the first to reveal the presence of circulating pesticides associated with genetically modified foods in the blood stream of women, including pregnant women and their unborn children. (1)

Many scientists, doctors and members of the public have warned regulatory agencies that the inherent risks of genetic engineering mean that its products should be limited to laboratory containment and should be kept out of the open environment and especially out of the food supply. This study supports the wisdom of this caution.

The study also demonstrates the flaw of the central claim of the genetic engineering industry that genetically engineered/modified (GE/GM) foods are ‘substantially equivalent’ to normal foods.

The public have a right to ask why regulatory agencies have accepted such an unlikely and apparently self-serving claim, and why they have failed to demand appropriate scientific proof that GE/GM foods are in reality ‘substantially equivalent’ in every significant way, including safety.

The unborn are the most vulnerable of people to toxin exposure and the public places its trust in the regulatory authorities whose duty it is to protect the vulnerable. This study exposes how GE/GM regulatory agencies, health authorities and governments have failed to respect this trust by allowing these novel products into the public food supply without requiring the proof of safety that any reasonable member of the public would expect.

The public will now have the opportunity to observe how these same agencies act, or fail to act, to protect the public interest, now that genuine scientific proof of health risks has been demonstrated.

GMOs are not the same as traditional breeding and are not substantially equivalent to other crops. They have no place in our food system and again, if there is no difference then why patent them? Why the secrecy? Why the vigorous attempts to not see them labelled? I have never seen anything hidden so well from the MSM. So many people still do not know that there are GMOs in a majority of the processed foods they are eating! This is not science, it is big ag beating you over the head and telling you what you will eat whether you like it or not.

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