Sunday, March 6, 2011

Monsanto puts all liability for GM seeds on farmers signing their technology agreements

And you can thank the USSC for it. Patenting of seeds has created a monster. They can now control all seed without responsibility for the consequences it brings. And really, by doing this they admit there are consequences. It is outrageous, immoral, and as far as I am concerned unconstitutional. Farmers in this country need to be aware and not ever enter into any contracts with this evil company nor use ANY of their products. The only way right now around this is to boycott them. Their market shares were already down last year due to a dip in Round Up sales. They may think they have the power, but they need to be shown differently. We need to expose them for what they really are and tell farmers they have options.

I am truly incensed about this as a person who has such a strong sense of what this planet is here for and our role as stewards. To see farmers actually sign this agreement especially if they do indeed read it they must be one of two things... totally desperate and gullible, or greedy. Unless of course, there is also the factor of duress being placed upon them by Monsanto through their goon squad. Who knows. There are stories about that as well... Cars pulling up in front of farms, farmers being threatened and intimidated, etc. Otherwise, I do not see farmers who sign this agreement as real farmers. Real farmers would not enter into such agreements because they cherish the soil, their animals, the biodiversity of this planet and the future much more than these lies they are being sold for profit. These lies for example have led to thousands of suicides in India, illnesses due to pesticide exposure in Argentina, loss of indigenous corn varieties in Mexico and biodiversity loss worldwide.

So I have a plea to the farmers of America:


By doing so you are not signing a document that brings you anything but a future monoculture pesticide ridden world. You are signing a document that wrecks contamination on natural crops, soil and water thus perpetuating global hunger, poverty and possible future famine. You are signing a document that essentially effects ALL OF US and the food we eat and the world our children live in. You are signing a document that exacerbates deforestation and biodistress. This is not just about you.

Also to bring out a point the speaker in the video made regarding those of us who see the truth of this and are marginalized by the biotech industry in general for it, we are not anti-science nor ignorant of it. On the contrary. We are people who respect science, nature and the natural processes of this planet. We also respect the boundaries of this world and what is still mysterious, sacred and necessary for our survival. True scientists respect those parameters as well and do not seek to go beyond them without proper testing and without peer reviewed science corroborating that what they are doing WILL DO NO HARM.

This is not what GMO is about. It is doing harm, is untested and does disrespectfully and irresponsibly go beyond those parameters that we yet may not comprehend. The variables involved here regarding future mutations of DNA, bacteria and viruses and their effects on soil, soil organisms, other species, human beings, etc. have not been properly vetted or tested by those putting these organisms out into our environment. We are the greatest unscientific experiment for the profit of those who care nothing for the results of this experiment. You best be thankful we are here. It is we, the activists, the bloggers, the organic farmers, etc. who are making sure that this planet does not tip into such a state where humanity is totally lost. You will not get such dedication to biodiversity, sustainability and humanity from a company like Monsanto.

So farmers, the next time you plant a GM seed think about the true ramifications of what you are doing. If it doesn't affect your sense of decency even knowing that the company you bought those seeds from cares NOTHING about you and would break you to save themselves in abrogating their moral responsibility, then perhaps you are just what Monsanto is looking for...another minion in the destruction of agriculture as we know it.


  1. Question; Your NON GM crop (possibly organic) crop is growing near a Monsanto GMO field.

    Monsanto's finds your field is growing their patented seed. Monsanto decides to take you to court for illegally growing their patented seed.

    Now when you go to court you can not counter sue Monsanto, even though their product contaminated your fields.....because its no longer Monsanto's fault, it is now the farmer who signed Monsanto's liability contract? Is this how this is going to play out?

    New slogan; Monsanto Seed "use at your own risk" as we take no responsibility for any damage. What happened to "substantially equivalent".

    Jan, of course, Monsanto has a long history of being sued for damages; dioxin, rBGH, PCBs, DDT, Agent Orange and Roundup and aspartame. Now we can add their seed supply to this list, right?

  2. Living in the ag community is a different world than outside.Farmers comprise less than 1% of the populace of the US.In ag areas,the tv,newspapers,and ag magazines are full of advertisements,articles by USDA ag extension agents,promoting the "science" of modern ag technology.The cacophony is deafening.Organic,eco ag is ridiculed,and dismissed.The peer pressure is great.Companies like Monsanto Pioneer,Cargill,Tyson, create a bubble that most farmers operate in.Banks won't lend to farmers operating loans if they don't submit a cropping plan.The banks won't lend many times to alternative farmers.Monsanto is a formidable giant with many allies as big as they are.


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