Sunday, March 18, 2012

NJ Puts Forth Bill To Label Genetically Engineered Food

NJ Bill To Label Genetically Engineered Food

Progress is definitely being made at the state level regarding bills being put forth to label GE foods. The latest one is from the state of New Jersey. S1367 is a bipartisan bill proposed by state senators Vitale (D) and Singer (R) that seeks to label GE foods. I emphasize bipartisan because in the US we don't see too much of that of late. I also emphasize it because I truly do think that is the only way to see progress on bills like this. It also emphasizes that this important issue transcends political lines because genetically engineered foods affect us all.

I will be posting some information you can use if you would like to contact the NJ legislature to support this bill being passed. I wrote to my legislator a few months ago on this and was part of outreaches to see this bill come to pass, so I am happy it has finally been proposed. Here is the note I sent them yesterday to ask the legislature to support the bill:
As a constituent who is very concerned about the food I eat and the effects of genetic modification of seeds on our health and environment, I would like you to support bi-partisan legislation introduced by Senator Singer and Senator Vitale to require labels for genetically engineered foods.

Since GE foods were first introduced in the U.S. food supply in 1996 without our knowledge or consent these foods have increased to 94% of soy crops and 88% of corn crops. Despite the prevalence of GE foods in the food supply the USDA continues to rely on industry safety studies to determine public health impacts of these foods. These organisms which are dominated by Monsanto's BT soy and corn (a registered pesticide with the EPA) sprayed with glyphosate (Round Up) cause transgenic contamination of organic crops which has also cost small scale organic farmers their livelihoods while threatening biodiversity through polluting rivers, streams and being found in the human bloodstream.

Independent studies on these organisms as well have shown effects on kidney cells with other potential health effects such as allergies. Up to this point the term "substantial equivalence" has been applied to imply these GE seeds are the same as conventional seeds. This is not the case. Therefore, without labels consumers have no idea which foods they are eating are genetically engineered. Having the ability to choose the foods you eat to avoid those that may be unhealthy to you and your children is a fundamental right. Many other countries in Europe as well as Asia have labelling requirements for GE foods. Americans as well have the right to know what they are eating.

Please follow the lead of Senator Singer and Senator Vitale by co-sponsoring S1367 and supporting the labeling of genetically engineered foods.

Site for NJ State Legislature

We can do this. The state level seems to be the only place we can. It is imperative we work to protect our biodiversity and change our destructive unhealthy food system, especially in the face of the global crises we face regarding climate and economy.


  1. We must fight for our right to know. Make your voice heard and contact your legislator.

  2. You are asking us to follow the lead of Sen. Vitale. He is sponsoring a bill that would mandate the fluoridation of all water supplies in NJ. Currently only 14% are fluoridated. Fluoridation is based on bad science and it a lethal neurotoxin to humans and animals. To improve our health we need to stop ingesting toxin and mandating them in our drinking supply will only add to the burden of sick people on our society. It is estimated that 37% of the children in fluoridate areas show signs of fluoridosis.

    1. Hmmm..... Criticism of Jan's initiative encouraging us to block any effort to ...prevent labeling of GM ...... foods because of a totally unrelated issue of fluoridated water demonstrates an unfamiliarity with how influenced NJ's colorful legislators are. Our Trenton employees are famous for, well, know. It is a miracle we have a legislator that is willing to support anything having to do with the support of a citizen.

  3. No, I am asking to support a bill looking to label GMO organisms in our food which are also shown to be toxic. What would make you think by that I approve of flouridation of the water? I don't.

  4. Jan is right - we should all support that bill to label GMO foods so that we are well aware of what we are eating. Recently a research on GMO foods has proved that GM crops includes a "significant fragment of a viral gene" known as Gene VI, a new viral DNA in GMO foods causing food contamination. Here I have found some of the shocking facts about GMO corn risks & problems with GMO foods.

  5. Please support the labeling of GMO food.


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