Sunday, June 19, 2011

Australia: Steve Marsh vs. Monsanto: You can support his effort and stand up for truth

UPDATE December 14, 2013: What We Can Do To Help This Farmer

Mr. Marsh's trial is set to begin in February 2014. He has lost his livelihood and organic certification to Monsanto's transgenic contamination. Spread the word about this and keep this story in the news. Mr. Marsh needs our support and the protection keeping this in social media provides. What he is doing by taking on Monsanto is truly courageous. We must now all be Steve Marsh and expose their lies once and for all.


Support the Australian organic farmer, Steve Marsh, whose organic crop was decertified after becoming heavily GM contaminated, by buying this great song on YouTube for less than $2, proceeds to his legal case. We can and will stand up to these bullies. The battle is underway. Please pass this on.

Some background:

GM strain blows organic certification away

Organic farmer to sue over GM contamination

Interview with Mr. Marsh.

Fight for your seeds.

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