Saturday, November 26, 2011

Protest in Kathmandu against Monsanto and U.S. AID

Protest in Kathmandu Against Monsanto and U.S. AID

"More than 250 people of different race and culture, including foreigner joins holding placards and banners demanding answers, representing Nepalese farmers in solidarity. Police stopped them from standing in front of the American embassy, which was there initial program.

"The ultimate goal of the protest is to put pressure on the Government of Nepal to cancel their agreement with USAID and Monsanto Inc. and stop the proposed hybrid maize pilot project from going ahead", on of the participant said.They also add "The introduction of Monsanto seed products into Nepal will have disastrous consequences for the people of Nepal. Nepali farmers will be forced into a relationship of dependancy with Monsanto Company.

Farmers will be worse off economically, soil and land will be
irreversibly damaged with the need for increased use of fertilizers.
thus decreasing chances of future livelihoods in farming and food
production. Nepal's international trade will also suffer."
More on the aims of the U.S. government in collusion with Monsanto

Occupy Monsanto! U.S. AID and the State Dept. are in collusion to force GMOS into foreign markets. U.S. AID is now headed by a Monsanto crony (Rajiv Shah, an Obama pick) as well. They did this in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti where their seeds were burned by Haitian farmers.This is not about food security but profit and using land to grow biofuel and bring the spread of corporate colonialism at the expense of all of us. You of course, will not see this in the U.S. media. Nor that it appears that Monsanto is a de facto department of the U.S governnment. My guess is a subdivision of the Pentagon.
Nepal Pushes Back Against Monsanto's Hybrid Seeds

"Nepal’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is battling the U.S. Agency for International Development and Monsanto, the largest seed company in the world, over the development of a hybrid corn crop intended for planting in the Nepalese regions of Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Kavre.

The issue erupted when USAID made a statement in September that the Nepalese Agriculture Ministry had partnered with Monsanto and USAID to promote the seeds to 20,000 farmers.

Criticisms followed the statement in the form of articles and a nearly 1,500 signatures on a petition and Facebook campaign protesting Monsanto’s intentions.

Nepalese official Hari Dahal, joint secretary at the MoAC stated that they “have no idea why USAID issued the statement saying that the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives was partnering with Monsanto. No agreement has been signed.”

The Kathmandu Post reported that USAID would not directly respond to questions about whether or not they had received support from the Nepal MoAC, and instead directed the paper to the organization’s website’s FAQ page, citing that they would be able to provide more information shortly.

Nepalese activists and anti-GMO protesters claim that USAID has stated it is facilitating Monsanto’s entry into Nepal even despite claims by government officials to the contrary. No formal notice from Nepal’s government stating that they have not entered into a deal with Monsanto and USAID has been released.

The youth community in Nepal has been particularly vocal on the issue and will be conducting a protest at the USAID office on November 25th, 2011."
And they lied about this as well. No surprise. Farmers of Nepal: FIGHT BACK. Do not let them have you signing agreements that will keep you on a perpetual cycle of poverty as you will not be able to save seeds. They will become your drug dealers. A farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes in India because of Monsanto and their deceptions. Do not let them take your food sovereignty.

Monsanto is evil.

Kathmandu Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Perhaps that can be used to keep them out. (?) These greedy, polluting and destructive companies should not be allowed anywhere near sites of such beauty, culture and spiritual importance!

It would be an abomination for Monsanto or any such company to get unfettered access to such a culturally diverse and spiritually rich area of the world as this. I am sickened to think that their poisoned money can buy access to any place on this Earth and they are simply free to run rampant pushing their toxic BT corn crap down the throats of anyone they choose. They have no dignity or respect for the cultural traditions of others. And this country's government is standing with them on this?

This is also one reason why they pick places like this-because it is an isolated area of the world and they can get away with their schemes as long as they grease enough palms. And who knows it may go even deeper than that. It seems they simply want to erase all that is good, beautiful and thriving in this world and replace it with monocultures of death.
U.S. AID Says No Decision On Monsanto Seeds Yet

Changing their story it would appear. Keep protesting and putting the heat on them. They should not have the right to decide what farmers in Nepal or anywhere else will grow and eat just to make profit for Monsanto!


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