Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beekeepers and Anti-GMO Protesters March In Warsaw

The video is in Polish, but it shows the protest. Thank you people of Poland!

Beekeepers and Anti-GMO Protesters March In Warsaw
Warsaw - Around 1,500 beekeepers in Warsaw made a strong point by dumping thousands of dead bees on the steps of the Ministry of Agriculture recently.

On 15 March 2012, a protest was held against genetically modified foods and pesticides, largely responsible for killing bees, butterflies and moths in huge numbers. The loss of these beneficial pollinators is extremely dangerous to the eco-system.

A protest march was held with beekeepers and anti-GMO protesters wearing yellow and black striped jackets and traditional beekeeper costumes. As they marched, the sound of buzzing filled the air and they ran their hive smoke guns as they walked.

The march was organized by the Polish Beekeepers Association together with the Coalition for a GMO Free Poland and the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC). Protesters were targeting Monsanto's MON810, which has apparently produced millions of hectares of pesticide resistant "superweeds" in the U.S.A.

The protesters also called for a complete ban on all genetically engineered crops and pesticides found to be most damaging to the environment (and particularly to bees).

The good news is that later in the day, the Minister of Agriculture, Marek Sawicki announced plans to ban MON810 in Poland.

The Polish Parliament banned GM feed in 2008, which included both the importation and planting of GM crops. However, Food Travels state that "Despite this progressive step, the European Commission has refused to accept regional bans on GMOs, keeping Polish farmers, producers, and activists on the offensive."

Also, says the ICPPC, "None of the nine European Union countries that have already prohibited MON 810 did so by asking the permission of the EU."

They are requesting that Polish residents write to the Minister of Agriculture to demand that he immediately implements a moratorium on GM crops, without awaiting EU approval.


Strong Beekeepers Protest and motion for a ban of the GM maize MON810 in Poland!

A powerful symbolic drama was staged by members of The Coalition for a GMO Free Poland in which thousands of dead bees were laid out on the Ministry steps SEE PHOTOS AND FILMS [at ].

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr Sawicki, never appeared. However he later saw a delegation in his office and, during a public broadcast, announced that he had set in motion a ban of the GM maize MON810...

At first glance this appeared to be a genuine prohibition, however, such is the nature of the modern politician that in the smaller print was the statement that 'this would only be possible with the permission of the European Commission':


Your help might make all the difference in getting Mr Sawicki to introduce the all important ban of MON 810.

Please do write to him demanding that he does not 'wait for European Commission's approval' but gets on and does the job! This is what the other 9 EU countries have done. Please do it! And do send us a copy of your letter.

The address you need is here:

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr Marek Sawicki
Those who say GMOs are not responsible for bees dying in my view do not understand how nature works... proof positive that these companies like Monsanto and DOW that state they are now into 'sustainable agricuture' are lying frauds. Anyone who understands nature knows that bees trying to pollinate these BT pesticide crops will pick up the pesticides and GM dna on them and take it back to the hives. But then, this seems to be the plan of these companies... to kill off any element of nature that has a part in making food so THEY can control the entire process.These haters of nature and life need to be protested every day everywhere. It is so gratifying to see more people gloablly and in the US becoming involved. And DOW thinks to say they are sustainable enough to sponsor a green olympics? Their reign of terror on nature has lasted long enough! Power to the people of the world to keep our food safe and our biodiversity healthy. And power to the social media that is helping us do it!

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