Saturday, September 29, 2012

Monsanto Coup In Paraguay?

Monsanto Merchants Of Death In Paraguay

Notice, a democratically elected president of a country was deposed in a soft coup and there is nothing about it in the media. VERY telling.

Monsanto Are Merchants Of Death In Paraguay Says Former President

Paraguay's former president, Fernando Lugo, who was democratically elected in 2008, was forced out of power at the end of June via a swift impeachment process. Almost immediately the unelected government of the new president, Federico Franco, fast-tracked the approval of the planting of Monsanto's GM cotton, without waiting for the preliminary safety studies required by law from Paraguay's environment and health ministries.

Under former President Lugo's administration, Paraguay's National Service for Plants and Seeds Quality and Health (SENAVE) had refused to approve GM cotton, but almost immediately after Lugo was ousted, the president of an agrochemical company was put in charge of SENAVE and he immediately included Monsanto's GM cotton (Bollgard) in the national registry of commercial plant varieties (RNCC).

The former head of SENAVE was Miguel Lovera, who had previously come under attack after his agency destroyed 44 hectares of illegally planted GM corn. Enforcing agricultural and environmental regulations that interfere with the interests of multinational companies and the GM lobby is clearly not on the agenda of the new government.

The strength of Monsanto and the GM lobby in Paraguay comes from the fact that Paraguay has become one of the world's biggest suppliers of GM soy - much of it in the form of animal feed for Europe. Channel 4 in the UK is among those who have reported on how GM soy cultivation has led to violent conflict involving peasants, big landowners and the police, while the pesticides sprayed on the GM soy are causing serious birth defects and other health problems - see item 2.

Some see Paraguay's GM lobby, backed by the likes of Monsanto, as key players in the recent coup.


This is the real war being waged... the war for our seeds and land. Monsanto, DOW and the other big chemical companies are still doing what they do best- waging war and poisoning people. And it is all being condoned by the US.


The expansion of the GM soy industry in Paraguay has occurred with a violent oppression of small farmers and indigenous communities. Farmers have been bullied into growing soy with pesticides at the expense of their food crops, health, and subsequently their farms. Farmers who live next to the soy fields have been driven away by the chemicals (Round up) which kill their crops and animals and cause illnesses. Almost 100,000 small farmers have been evicted from their land. Many indigenous communities have been forced to relocate and mechanization is driving more to urban areas and poverty. Farmers refusing to leave their land are targeted by hired security forces employed by the surrounding soy growers in the hope that they will eventually sell their land through intimidation. More than a hundred campesino leaders have been assassinated and more than two thousand others have faced trumped-up charges for their resistance to the intrusion of agribusiness.There is now a war taking place in South America over GM soy. And the American media is silent. I really have no doubt the US govt was behind this coup as well. With tests coming out proving the toxicity of Monsanto corn with countries in Europe and other parts of the world refusing to import their toxic corn (Russia halts imports of GM corn due to cancer fears) or bow to their intimidation, this is the way they will force it upon countries and people beside sneaking it into food aid bags to contaminate traditional seed. And this is unconscienable after seeing and knowing what BT cotton has done to destroy India, especially noting over 250,000 farmer suicides and tests showing failing yields and toxicity to livestock as well as pest resistance. Get ready for the trade wars to come.


Paraguay-U.S. Sponsored "Soft Coup"

This may well even be connected to the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) trade agreement because Monsanto would have much more power regarding patents and intellectual property rights through this "treaty" being ratified. The TPP is NAFTA on steroids and would essentially give even more rights to corporations to even supercede US law. Fascism at its finest.

Greed is killing our planet. What is being done to its people as a result is an outrage.

"Almost immediately the unelected government of the new president, Federico Franco, fast-tracked the approval of the planting of Monsanto's GM cotton, without waiting for the preliminary safety studies required by law from Paraguay's environment and health ministries."

How many suicides in Paraguay will now be added to the 250,000 farmers in India? People need to know about this. Everytime we purchase and consume a product in this country with soy in it (soy lechitin is the big ingredient), corn, cotton, canola, sugarbeets, we perpetuate this GMO/pesticide war on indigenous people and nature.

Is this to be our legacy to our children?

People of Paraguay, beware.



  1. Paraguay's GMO leader Benjamin Lezcano was just assassinated! Monsanto is the only biotech in Paraguay as far as I know. We should be asking Monsanto these questions....

  2. Yes I just posted about that. I think we know the answers to those questions already.


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