Friday, July 26, 2013

"Glowing Plants" gimmick a trojan horse for pushing synthetic biology without regulation?

UPDATE: Kickstarter Bans GMOs As Perks In Wake Of Glowing Plant Fiasco

Any victory regardless of how small in protecting our environment from those arrogant to think they own the world is a good one.


This is sheer arrogance and shows a total lack of respect for the natural world and all who inhabit it!

Nothing of this nature should be released into the global environment without adherence to the precautionary principle and without regulation! According to this report the USDA gave their blessing?! Seriously?

This is definitely something we need to be concerned about regarding biodiversity and crossing the boundaries of scientifc ethics. Also, we must be wary of these ventures using vehicles like Kickstarter as a roundabout way to escape regulation and scrutiny which already leads one to question the true intent beyond of course, profit.

Just to also mention, this technology was reportedly used in the Gulf after the BP blowout (synthetic oil eating bacteria) without knowing the residual effects on marine life and water. We are on the cusp of a true moral dilemma that we must not allow these companies to control for their own profit.

Kickstarter must not fund biohackers' glow-in-the-dark plants"

Trust us with your planet.

I shudder to think...

Dr. Vandana Shiva on genetic modification, patenting, the lack of humanity involved in it and the hope that we can still prevail. Monsanto is one player in an entire list of players in the biotech world looking to profit from manipulating nature without caring for the consequences. We are the key to preserving the biodiversity that preserves life.

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