Sunday, September 15, 2013

GM Seeds Next Biggest Threat To Africa

Wonder why Monsanto claims to be pulling out of Europe? (even though new approvals await EFSA) Africa is the new target and they are bearing down on them. Even recruiting the help of AGRA, Kofi Annan and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which owns Monsanto stock. And even as millions suffer with hunger, malnutrition and the effects of climate change we see no real aid coming to them from the likes of Monsanto to truly ease their suffering. 'Feeding the world' is a PR slogan to these wraiths of industry and pseudo philanthropy who use the misery of others to fatten their bank accounts.

These companies only go where they think they will have a greater chance of selling their fake seeds in a new era of seed colonialism. However, there has been great resistance to them in Europe as there has been in Asia and South America. As more people globally wake up to the true motives behind GM seeds and those in science and industry who push them for profit their choices are dwindling. One reason why these companies are pouring billions into labeling campaigns in order to stop them. Also why there is now a concerted social media effort to misinform people about GMOs. It's big business and brings profits for scientists and farmers who agree to sell out.

Even the State Dept. of the US is heavily into pushing them in Africa. Even after all of the talk of wanting to help small farmers and to aid them in food security, Monsanto is all they can offer. Oh yes, this octopus of greed and subjugation has many tentacles. Good to see farmers and groups standing up to this invasion in Africa as well.

There is no food freedom in GM monoculture. Only poverty and continued slavery.

U.S. Corporations, GMOS Thrive Under Obama's African Partnership

"A lot of concerns are being raised in Africa around this question of food sovereignty," Emira Woods, co-director of Foreign Policy In Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies, told The Real News Network ahead of the speech. "It sounds great when we think about this new alliance for food. You know, increasing yields, increasing productivity all sound fantastic."

However, she added, "if you look beyond the mask, beyond the title," what you see is what many are calling a land grab by multinational corporations, or an appropriation of much of the "last remaining arable land on this planet."

Woods cites a number of issues with these policies including communities and longtime residents being forced off their ancestral lands, the rise in biofuel production and, namely, efforts by "US agribusiness companies to expand their production of genetically modified foods."

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Also connect this to the TPP and AFRICOM. This is not as benign as just selling some seeds to help poor farmers.

Anyone who tells you that is lying to you.

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  1. Bono, Bill Gates, they are all mislead by the idea that the biotech is going to solve anyone's problems except their own.

  2. Just because you are rich doesn''t make you all knowing or omnipotent over the lives of others.


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