Monday, October 27, 2014

Oregon- Say Yes To Food Freedom On November 4

Edit 12:8:14: Vote recount has YES within 800 votes. A huge victory for the people considering the millions pumped into misinformation campaigns by corporate sponsors. More to come.

All Eyes On Oregon As Voters Decide GMO Labeling

On Nov. 4, in the most expensive ballot measure campaign in Oregon history, voters will decide whether to force food manufacturers to label their products that contain genetically modified ingredients sold in the state.

If successful, Oregon would be the first in the nation to pass a labeling law at the ballot box.

It's the second time the issue has been on the ballot in Oregon, and the fourth time nationwide. Similar measures failed in Oregon in 2002, California in 2012 and Washington in 2013.

Last year, the Connecticut and Maine legislatures passed labeling laws, but they won't go into effect unless neighboring states also do so. More recently, the Vermont legislature approved a labeling bill, but it's being challenged in court.

Genetically modified ingredients are in most processed foods containing soy, corn or sugar.

The only way for consumers to know whether packaged food contains GMOs is to buy products labeled organic or with the independent Non GMO Project label.

The measure's proponents say consumers have the right to know how their food was produced.

Most GMO plants are bred to tolerate high doses of pesticides, they say.

"The public's right to have information to make informed decisions about the food they buy should take precedence over the efforts of agribusiness," said Sandeep Kaushik, spokesman for the Yes on Measure 92 campaign.

The requirement won't be a burden for manufacturers, which already label GMOs in 64 other countries, proponents say.

"Prices did not go up in those countries. Markets weren't disrupted. Farmers weren't hurt," Kaushik said. "U.S. food companies continue to sell their products in those countries and comply with labeling laws."

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While I support total banning of these dangerous organisms in our food I still stand with those looking to at least label foods containing them. I wish Oregon luck on November 4 and hope voters will not be intimidated by the desperate actions of companies that have no real science behind them which is why they can do nothing else but throw huge sums of money and push red herring misinformation to silence democracy. If you care about what you put in your body and its effect on your health and that of your children (I am dealing with digestive issues myself and can't help but wonder if it is because of GMOs and the poisons they are drowned in) and you live in Oregon this is your chance to finally speak loud and clear. This is also not just about Oregon, this is about setting a precedent for other states and for our country. If our elected leaders who promised to do this won't do it- WE WILL. Say YES to food freedom on November 4!

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