Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monsanto Spends 45 Million Dollars To Oppose Washington State GM Labeling Campaign

Monsanto Spends 45 Million To Oppose Washington State GM Labeling Campaign

Chemical and agribusiness powerhouse Monsanto has just invested $4.5 million to defeat the I-522 campaign, a state ballot initiative to require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods in the state of Washington. The initiative will be on the ballot in the upcoming general election in November. Current polls show 64% of likely voters are strongly in favor of the initiative, but the influx of corporate money threatens to undermine consumer choice. “Monsanto’s aggressive tactics in Washington show that the agrichemical industry is staunchly against the public on this issue. Consumers have overwhelmingly called for the labeling of GE foods, yet Monsanto is committed to withholding that information and denying consumers a choice,” said Andrew Kimbrell, executive director for Center for Food Safety.

“The agrichemical industry spent over $45 million dollars on a misleading campaign in California to defeat Proposition 37, and only won with a narrow 3 percent margin. It appears they will attempt the same big spend strategy here in Washington; anything to deny the public of their basic right to know,” added Kimbrell.


Now why would these companies in collusion with the GMA and governments spend so much money to oppose a label, especially when they state that GM food is safe for human consumption? Easy answer: Profit and to hide the fact that they lied about GM foods being safe for human consumption over the long term because no long term studies on humans have ever been done. Oh, and also, because they are running scared. Monsanto stock is being dumped with their CEO Hugh "Valdemort" Grant even selling some of his own off.

The heat is on and that is the one good thing about it all. However, that does not take away from the fact that the heads of these companies like Pepsico, General Mills, etc. that are working with them to oppose labels are any better. That is why we need to see them feeling the effects of their undemocratic actions as well. For far too long these companies in partnership with chemical companies have been dumping toxic junk food on Americans and the world without caring for the effects on our health or the environment.

The initiatives to place labels on GM foods are one way to inform Americans in order to make educated and informed choices. Another is to flat out boycott these companies and all of their products. They would not have these exorbitant amounts to flood into campaigns to fight democratic action if they didn't make so many profits. Actually, you would think since they claim to care so much for "feeding the world" that they would take those large sums and actually do that instead of trying to fight the free flow of information...hmmm. Their actions are very transparent.

There is a word for those who would constantly place the corporate good above individual freedom and choice and it begins with an F. (No, not that word. ;-).) The word is Fascist. These corporations are practicing food fascism and in the process using their wealth to buy off universities, governments and scientists. We must remember that without their wealth and the apparatus they put up with that wealth to misinform they have nothing else. Not truth, not science, not integrity, not honesty. What we have is infinitely more powerful... information and the means to distribute it in ways that get out truth about the science and about the machinations of those who place their own selfish agenda above the good of the whole.

I hope that truth prevails in Washington state. If not however, the fight will continue until that apparatus falls.

Keep fighting for good.

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