Sunday, January 5, 2014

Santo 7.13.15 to expose evils of GMOs

Santo 7.13.15 Update #50 - Jan 2014 from Robert Everest on Vimeo.

I had previously written about Santo 7.13.15 here last year during the Indiegogo initiative in which the movie project raised close to 1/4 million dollars. I was proud to be one of the donors and I am now proud to bring you the first video of production. The movie is slated to be released later this year. I will once again include the film's website and info on how you can follow on Twitter and Facebook.

This is an important project in using film with a fictional character to tell a true and important story that can reach the masses. While some feel that only conventional ways of education are the way to go I believe this too is education by using a medium that can reach millions in the process. I wholeheartedly support this film and the passion and sentiment behind it. We must fight the takeover of our food system any way we can.

This is a film that will relay a clear and present danger to all mankind in a way that can reach those who might not otherwise know of it.

Stay tuned on this blog for all other follow up film snippets and information on Santo 7.13.15.

2014 IS the year we will see truth prevail for a sustainable healthy future for our planet and our loved ones!

Thank you Santo 7.13.15!

Santo 7.13.15 Indiegogo page

Links to follow them on Facebook and Twitter are also at this link.

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