Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014-The Fight To Take Back The Seed

The globalization of the food system is in full swing. The Big 6 chemical companies are stopping at nothing to ensure a steady string of profits at the expense of nature, health and seed. 2013 was a year of activism unseen prior. 2014 will see even more. This year we will not stop until labeling of GM ingredients in our food is NATIONWIDE. We will see more resistance to schemes to take over our seed and we will FIGHT THEM. Make no mistake, this is about more than seed. This is about LIFE and the fight to save our natural world from the predators who lie, steal, cheat and destroy all in the name of a false choice. I hope you join that fight. The future of agriculture and in turn all species depend on it.

Thanks for the support in 2013. Thanks to all the activists standing up for truth, life, the seed and food sovereignty.

Here's to spreading more awareness in 2014. It is their greatest enemy.

GOOD LUCK STEVE MARSH. Those who cherish this Earth and respect all life stand with you.

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