Wednesday, January 22, 2014

USDA Greenlights DOW's 24-D Seeds

USDA Greenlights DOW's 24-D Seeds

The corrupt and dysfunctional USDA proves once again that they are Chem-ag's b___. Time to BOYCOTT ALL CORN since you will have no idea that you are eating Agent Orange corn.

They killed this:

To give you this:


We have gone from a country that once thrived on natural agriculture that had biodiversity and health to pesticide, herbicide, weed infested corporate owned CRAP that is making people obese, sick and allergic. And yet, they justify their monoculture greed driven destruction of our health and environment as "feeding the world." They're feeding the world alright- by killing it.

I am now convinced that there is no talking to them. There is no compromise with them. There is no more room to applaud their hollow empty market driven gestures when they say they are making Cheerios or Grape Nuts or some other obscure product "GMO free" to placate a few anti-GMO groups to shut them up. Reporting on their injections of huge amounts of cash to stop GMO labeling bills that they in the end will get to write and manipulate through ALEC, Citizens United, TPP and other mechanisms has already shown their true colors: THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT WE THINK OR WANT.

So while I have written time and time again that I want to see foods with GM ingredients labeled, I truly think the only way to now go is calling for an all out BANNING of them. It is time, even for some anti-GMO groups to face reality. Even should states get labeling it will be tied to certain restrictions or caveats. They will get to write the labels while continuing to keep states in constant litigation to stop them from being enforced as the USDA continues to approve more and more of their chemical seeds to infect our world.

The only way to stop the infection is to stop the source of it. Let's face facts: Once labeling is even accomplished at a level that will spread awareness on a scope necessary to truly do any good the transgenic contamination of our world may well be beyond our stopping it. Labels may make people more aware but it will not stop the damage being done to our environment from their planting and the effects of their genetic pollution and stripping of our biodiversity. They must be stopped at the source. Now with the approval of these Agent Orange corn seeds we will see more spraying, more pollution, more poison in our soil and water. IT IS SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE.

It is akin to allowing oil companies to continue polluting the water, soil, air and destroying our climate balance even as we see it approaching a tipping point by telling them they just have to pay a little fine to stay in business... it doesn't stop the damage and they are so big they can absorb any tax. I am convinced that unless WE BECOME THE STRONG ONES and truly commit to changing our habits to reflect our moral outrage we will fall. Where GMOs are concerned labels alone will just not cut it anymore.

This is about the ability of farmers to continue farming and to have the freedom to use their own seeds. This is about preserving our biodiversity in order to preserve our species. Labeling is yes, a good way to spread awareness and those efforts should continue- but not without punishment being brought upon companies that continue to use profit driven market mechanisms and hollow empty gestures to "placate" us while poisoning us. And labels must lead to eventual BANNING of these organisms from our food system. It is the only way now to preserve it for our children.

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