Friday, April 11, 2014

GMO Labeling Bill Would Gut States' Right To Label GMO Foods

This is the action of corporate bought and sold representatives in collusion with their corporate benefactors running scared from the truth being disseminated and taking hold. This is the essence of the anti-democratic corporate state where their favor trumps the will of the people.

Close to 90% of Americans polled want labels on foods indicating they were made with genetically engineered ingredients. This bill will do nothing to see disclosure and truth supported. It in essence gives the responsibility of labeling to the FDA-the very agency that allowed these organisms to be set free in our environment without proper testing to begin with. And of course, Michael R. Taylor, former Monsanto employee is now Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the FDA. Watch that revolving door spin.

This is one reason why they need to be banned. Expecting any level of government beyond the state level to do anything that puts principle and people before profit is a waste of time and now they aim to try to circumvent that as well to keep their secrets and lies intact. This is why education and action on the part of the people is so important. Unless you learn what GMOs are, how to avoid them and how to stick companies in their profits, they will succeed in poisoning you, your children and the only planet we have for a false choice.

Suffice it to say, I will do all in my power as a citizen to make sure the soulless wraiths in the Congress and the companies they serve know I am an informed citizen who will not sit silently while they destroy our world.


GMO labeling bill would trump states


Food manufacturers don’t have to label products that contain genetically modified ingredients, and now they have a bill that would keep it that way.

Rep. Mike Pompeo on Wednesday morning introduced The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014, a bill that would give ultimate authority of GMO labeling to the Food and Drug Administration, which favors a voluntary approach to the issue. The measure, which has the support of the food, biotechnology and agriculture industries, looks to nullify efforts in no less than 20 states to require mandatory labeling for foods that contain GMOs.

“The scientific community has spoken with one voice,” the Kansas Republican said in a teleconference with reporters to promote his bill. Biotechnology is safe and “there is not a single example” of anyone getting sick after eating food made with GMOs. Requiring labels on foods that contain GMOs misleads consumers to believe that there is a health and safety risk, similar to warning labels on cigarettes, he said.


Despite the promise of more support, the prospects for Pompeo’s bill remain unclear. The measure will likely get a June or July hearing in the House Energy and Commerce Committee, of which Pompeo is a member. The committee has jurisdiction over the issue as it applies to interstate commerce. After that, there is no guarantee that it will gain floor time or a final vote, Pompeo said.


Let's hope to see this bill die. Besides his blatant lie regarding GMO scientific consensus read the last bolded sentence spoken by this drone bought by KOCH INDUSTRIES and tell me how in the world these people get in Congress if the machines aren't really rigged. Also amazing how certain members of Congress care about States' Rights only when it suits their own agendas.



Big Food is trying to kill your right to know if the food you’re eating is genetically engineered.

With their anti-labeling allies like Monsanto and Dow, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) has teamed up with Koch brothers-backed Congressman Mike Pompeo of Kansas to introduce a federal bill that would deny your right to know.

The bill, which we're calling the “Deny Americans the Right-to-Know Act (DARK Act),” would:

Prevent states from adopting their own GE labeling laws.

Block any attempt by states to make it illegal for food companies to put a “natural” label on products that contain GE ingredients.

Prevent the Food and Drug Administration from requiring companies to label GE ingredients and instead continue a failed “voluntary” labeling policy.

The bill--crafted by the Grocery Manufacturers Association-led Coalition for Safe and Affordable Food, has just been introduced by Rep. Pompeo, and has reportedly picked up two co-sponsors: Reps. Butterfield (D-NC 1st district) and Blackburn (R-TN 7th district). All three lawmakers serve on the Energy and Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over GE food labeling.

Tell Congress not to squash your right to know about genetically engineered foods!

It’s no surprise that industry chose the Kansas Republican as their cheerleader. Pompeo was the single largest recipient of campaign funds from Koch Industries in 2010. It’s clear that corporate money = legislative favors with Congressman Pompeo.

And now the Koch brothers are teaming up with Monsanto? Monsanto was the single largest contributor against the recent Washington State ballot initiative to label GE foods. Between Washington State and California, Monsanto, along with GMA and other agribusiness companies, have contributed over $67 million to keep consumers in the dark.

But there is still time to stop this bill--Tell Congress not to deny your right to know!

So what’s wrong with “voluntary” GE food labeling? In a word: everything. It is grossly misleading for industry—let alone members of Congress—to continue trumpeting the idea that voluntary labeling will solve the overwhelming consumer demand for labeling in the marketplace. In the 13 years that FDA has allowed companies to voluntarily label genetically engineered foods, not one single company has done so.

Without mandatory labeling of GE foods, consumers are being left in the dark about the foods we are purchasing and feeding our families. In 2013, over 50 GE labeling bills were introduced in 26 states, including Hawaii, Washington, Indiana, Missouri, and Vermont.

This industry-backed bill will cut these state labeling bills off at the knees and replace them with an undemocratic, hollow “voluntary” labeling scheme that does nothing to address consumer interests and only serves to allow corporations to deny us our right to know.

Tell Congress to drop this corporate hand-out of a bill!

Safe? I think not.

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