Thursday, July 31, 2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson Tells Us To "Chill Out" About GMOs....

UPDATE 8:4:14: Neil DeGrasse Tyson then proceeded to place a posting on his Facebook page which was instantly taken over by industry reps and Internet plants all at the ready to harp on and attack anyone who dared to give information regarding GMOs and their health effects and effects on biodiversity. People attacking scientists like Dr. Vandana Shiva who knows more about this than they ever will...just like Monsanto does...Reaks of a set up to me by them using his comment as some sort of agreement with their chemically soaked monoculture agenda. But then, after doing some reading I also wondered as well...perhaps it also has something to do with the fact that some atheists are for GMOs simply because they place their own preconceived notions about nature ahead of the facts? They don't care whether they are really safe or not- they just (in their minds) think they are "killing God" and can do it better than "he" can? Either that or NDT really is unaware about the difference between hybridization and cross species gene insertion as we see it today.

Ironic too, isn't it? People daily preaching about how religion has done so much to harm humanity (and I agree regarding using it to cover up other agendas)... Now atheists and trans-humanists who think they are above it all think that nature can be owned and bent to their will and are willing to destroy the very fabric of life to prove they are omnipotent. How ignorant they who think that are because it isn't even about the petty religions we invent here either. Nature and its mysteries and processes go far beyond our knowledge and it would serve us all well to remember that, respect it and work with not against it. Carl Sagan (who I respect and miss) was an agnostic but he still respected points of view and called on us to be skeptical and didn't parrot the corporate line. Some should remember that and that they are not above it all. Monoculture is the antithesis to caring about nature and there is nothing natural about how this is being done-and it will come back to haunt us.

Another quote from this brilliant physicist who understood nature and the limits of technology.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Tells Us To "Chill Out" About GMOs....

Can it really be true that an astrophysicist who claims correctly that NATURE is the ultimate arbiter is totally oblivious to what cross species gene manipulation being used in seeds really is and how far it is being taken with concern for the effects on humans, other species and biodiversity? I am not even a scientist and I understand this process and the consequences of manipulating Nature. Again, fusing together traits form one genus of say a pea plant and that of another pea plant in the SAME GENUS AND SPECIES has been done for centuries and is actually how we have seen biodiversity grow on our planet. That is NOT the contention regarding the CROSS SPECIES fusing and manipulation being done now that walks a tightrope of morality, humanity and the precautionary principle.

After listening to what he said on this I can come to no other conclusion but that he is out of the loop regarding what is truly happening in this field and the potential genetic harm it can do in generations to come. To also characterize it as "fear" on the part of those who are skeptical and question it (which even Dr. Carl Sagan stated we must do) is a bit unfair because genuine concern for man's arrogant manipulation of nature is something all scientists should also possess. We are already seeing health effects and effects on gut bacteria and protein expression due to such manipulations. How can he sit there and not even utter one word about such concerns regarding crossing the line?

He may know all there is to know about the COSMOS, but I would suggest that he take some time to understand what is happening on Earth in the hands of men who do not share the view that Nature is the arbiter because they think THEY are and also speak to those scientists who understand the order of nature, its awesomeness, beauty and the limitations humans must understand in breaking certain moral barriers. As a scientist but especially as a sentient human being who knows the incredible process that Nature is, this should be a concern and a red flag. There are simply some areas where science and Nature should converge to preserve each other. This current road we are on where man deems to be ruler of all including Nature is a road to ruin. Nature is the final arbiter, judge and jury- and our reckless pursuit to control her not caring about the consequences will be our own undoing. So, "chill out?" Not likely.

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