Sunday, February 27, 2011

My plans for this blog

For those who may happen upon this blog and for the first time see the letters GMO, let me explain what they are and what my goal here is. GMO is the acronym for genetically modified organism. These organisms are made in test tubes and are not endemic to nature. This form of manipulation of our food is not the same as cross breeding of genusus of plants. They are made by changing the DNA sequences of a certain species (such as spiders or mice) and inserting certain traits from them into a specific DNA sequence or trait of a particular fruit, vegetable, animal, etc. by use of a virus or bacteria in order to enhance pesticide resistance or some other enhanced expression. Hence the term Round Up Ready as applied to Monsanto's GM crops, particularly soy, corn, cotton and canola. Now adding sugarbeets and alfalfa to this list. Approximately 80% of all processed foods sold in the US have these organisms in them and the foods are not labelled to inform you that they are GMO.

The main crux behind GMOs is that they are to this point a profit making scheme by Monsanto (and other companies that were once in the war chemical business like Bayer) that now controls 90% of the seed market through patents and contracts with technology fees with farmers being unable to save seeds thus basically giving them control over what you eat. GMOs were foisted out into our environment about 15 years ago by the FDA under criticism from their own scientists in regards to inadequate and incomplete testing. Monsanto's tests were what were used in assessing that GMOs are "substantially equivalent" to other crops and GRAS, Generally Regarded As Safe. However, through the years these organisms have been out here we have seen no signs that they are of any benefit to the Earth, to the food we eat, or to the health of our planet or us. It has been quite the contrary and independent scientific studies coming to the fore show this, and the government/corporate coziness that keep these dangerous organisms in our food despite global resistance is the core of why I started this blog.

In the coming months I will present articles, scientific studies and evidence that GMOs are unhealthy to both our planet's biodiversity and health. They do not increase yield on any noticeable scale and to this point have done nothing but contaminate world organic crops thus perpetuating many farmers around the globe into poverty and for some, taking their own lives.

In introducing this topic to those who may be seeing this for the first time I think the best way to do so is to provide a syllabus of sorts as to what will be covered here, so here goes;

Origin of GMOs
How GMOs are made
How they get in your food
Government corporate revolving doors
Monsanto's record of environmental destruction
GMOs and your health
Biotech lobbying for profit
Gagging and intimidation of scientists
Threat to biodiversity in a monoculture world
How GMOs perpetuate climate change(biodistress)
Ways you can avoid GMOs
Standing up for food sovereignty
Defending biological diversity and your right to food freedom amd sovereignty
Reports on global resisitance and progress
Effects on economy

This is the crux of what I wish to cover here in the coming months besides updates on the invasion of our natural processes and our ability to plant our seeds. I hope you will make this blog a place you visit to keep up to date on how you can work for a healthier planet free of GMOs.

Thank you

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