Sunday, May 26, 2013

The World Marches Against Monsanto


Thank you Dr. Vandana Shiva for your relentless devotion to humanity, life, nature, environmental democracy and the seed. This would not have been possible without Dr. Shiva's years of education and awareness on this takeover. (And yes, though she says 25th March at the beginning she did correct the date on the video.) This is a fight for our planet and for ours and our children's lives. Let this be just the beginning of our victory to preserve the seed and all life that springs from it.


My faith in humanity has been restored and my heart is full after seeing this!

Monsanto, you cannot deny that the world DOES NOT WANT YOUR POISON.

The only reason their profits are being made is through DECEPTION, SECRECY, GOVERNMENT COLLUSION and MONOCULTURE.

The world is awake and nature is alive and they will both fight your attempt to kill that which sustains life.



I handed out flyers yesterday in my neighborhood telling people to call their reps in Congress to repeal The Monsanto Protection Act and talked to some about the dangers of GMOs and Round Up. Whatever you do, do not fall for the deceptive Round Up pump ads they have out now for the Memorial Day weekend (also notice how they fail to mention it is made by Monsanto because they know people know what they are.)


Read the posts on this blog and elsewhere about Glyphosate, "substantial equivalence" and the effects of GMOs.


As for this wonderful show of humanity from New Zealand to Australia to London to Paris, to Spain, to Russia, to South Africa, to the US and elsewhere I will let the pictures (sources at link above as well as more information) speak for themselves :

March Against Monsanto/Companies To Boycott

List of companies with Monsanto GMOs in their products"


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