Sunday, February 27, 2011

The World According To Monsanto

Documentary film exposing the truth about Monsanto and its GMOs. If you have not seen this please watch it amd understand what is being done to your food without your consent and how deep this all goes.

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  1. The advertised promises regarding GMOs seem to have turned out to generate more technological dependence of developing countries and genetic erosion, since GMO developers are just creating wider markets for fewer and fewer varieties, thus leading to the loss of crop diversity, which, in turn, threatens food safety and rural livelihoods in developing countries and LDCs. Unfortunately, much of the available research on the pros and cons of GMOs has been entrusted or conducted by the very corporations that commercialize them, which often makes it difficult to tell between biased and reliable reports. So, much of the reports resulting from supposedly independent sources is just aimed at misinforming their target audience, especially when spread through mass media, which often have common interests with these monopolies. This way, many small farmers are misled into believing that GMOs benefit them and fail to realize that that GMOs are far from being a win-win solution and that they are not in the same boat as those who promote agricultural concentration and free market at the expense of people’s needs.


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