Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The truth about GM Crops: farmer to farmer

The deliberate subtle controlling of the agriculture of America is now taking place. Monsanto makes sure that there are no competitive seeds or imputs but their own. Farmers are trapped into planting the GM seeds and risking bankruptcy through contamination. We hear it from them in this video personally. Which in and of itself proves there is no substanital equivalence between these seeds, which also proves it too is a farce concocted by politicians, lawyers and the big ag industry to lock farmers and consumers in an endless cycle of control. I would say there are several circles of Hell reserved for those who are behind this. So how do we extricate ourselves from this nightmare and the controlling of seeds, our very life if they are being allowed to destroy all alternatives? We have to stand up to them, in a new truth force.

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The Great Seed Robbery
By Dr. Vandana Shiva.

I will be looking to locate different seed banks around the country and world that I will post links to here so that you know there is some hope in saving our seeds for future generations. To allow Monsanto to control our seeds and our food is to give up our freedom.

They must be stopped. Saving seed is the only way to preserve true biodiversity and the only definition of sustainable agriculture. Not their brand of monoculture hell.

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