Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Action Day/World Food Day: Food Justice At Core Of Occupy Wall Street

From fossil fuel prices, to deforestation, to climate change, to poverty, to water access/quality, to hunger, to health, to the industrialization of our agriculture and its seeds, food, (it's growth, pricing, distribution, movement and access) are at the core of what we must seek to change for the future. The disconnect people have when they look at a plate of food in not knowing its sources and how it got there and what has been sacrificed in that process that effects their and their child's future and health is something people need to know about because it affects their lives in so many ways.

And now as we see more colonialization through land grabs and more subsidizing of corn (i.e.Monsanto) for use as biofuel which is exacerbating deforestation/climate change and world hunger, it is indeed the investment markets that are accountable for the misery so many around the world and farmers in our country are going through. Policies that pollute this planet with pesticides and poisons for profit, push prices up through speculation and keep access from those who really need it in order to facilitate trade agreements that perpetuate dependence on U.S GMO aid in lieu of food sovereignty to shut out small farmers and benefit unregulated big ag companies (i.e. Monsanto, Cargill) is at the heart of this struggle.

When people have equal access to seeds they can save to preserve biodiversity, access to healthy food and land to grow it on in ways that enrich not strip the soil and access to potable water they do not need to walk hours to collect it facilitates health (both for all species and our planet,) education, opportunity and breaking the chains of perpetual /generational misery, poverty and pollution. This is the exemplification of social justice and humanity.

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