Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shut Down Monsanto Protest Outside Gates Foundation

This is the same type of propaganda that those against climate change mitigation in order to profit from its effects put out. Now, the elitists who want to shove GMOs down the throats of Africa are blaming those of us who actually care about biodiversity and food sovereignty for hunger, when it is clearly foreign economic policy and lack of access and poverty that are the core reasons for over one billion currently being hungry with GMOS now doing NOTHING to feed them. This proves that this push to get GMOs in Africa is not about feeding people, but to be another cash cow as those pushing it do not even understand the core reasons for hunger. Their so called Green Revolution of the seventies that purportedly increased yields for so many in India has now caused water shortages and nutrient depleted soil with hunger rates still high and with farmers committing suicide because they cannot afford the imputs, fertilizers, seeds, and chemicals they are required to purchase just to survive.

Make no mistake about it, we are under attack and the battlefield is our seeds.

Natural traits in plants fight drought and are the ones being stolen from indigenous communities by companies like Monsanto for profit which is why they are being sued for biopiracy in India right now. GMOs have actually decreased cotton yields in India where agroecology has been proven to produce better yields. The studies on this are increasing and the truth is getting out. GMOS have done nothing to feed people (paying attention to Somalia and the fact that a billion people still starve while we grow fatter) but plenty to make Monsanto and Bill Gates and their minions richer by using landgrabs for biofuel and animal feed which actually takes land away from growing food and exacerbating climate change and poisoning people.

There are options we all have to be part of being active. Buy organic; grow your own; do not purchase processed foods that contain high fructose corn syrup, soy lechitin or other such derivatives that come from GM crops such as canola, alfalfa, sugarbeets. Lobby your grocer to include organic foods. Spread this information to others via social media. Lobby your state legislatures to introduce label GMO bills... it works. Using your voice in any way possible is already making a difference.

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  1. I am ready and willing if anyone here wants to do an event to bring some attention to this very important bill. I have a PA system, all we need is some voices and a good location!



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