Friday, February 22, 2013

Bowman Vs. Monsanto

Once again we see Monsanto trying to convince the world they are the creators of life. That they are Gods. That they alone are ominpotent over all nature. That they have the right to control every morsel of food you put in your mouth without any responsibility for it. This is a case that will also decide where the future heads in regards to patents on traits on living organisms that they did not create just because they are a large rich multinational that wishes to own it all and can buy it. This is not or should not be the road we travel down regarding these organisms nor the food we eat. It goes against all tenets of humanity and the laws of nature to think they (and yes, other companies like DOW have the same arrogance) can do this. "Substantial equivalence" should not be the legs on which this stands on.

It speaks volumes about Monsanto's absolute lack of morality and their hatred for the natural world which is by the way building up defenses and resistance to the poisons they have now continued to inject into our food supply with these insidious seeds. The only hope we have for justice are brave 75 year old farmers and people of humanity around the globe willing to stand up to the jackbooted tactics of a company so criminal as to think to sue anyone for planting something they think they own because their "plant" on the USSC that still won't recuse himself (Clarence Thomas) (as well as Obama's pick Elena Kagan) said so.

We will reap the whirlwind for this obnoxious hubris as we are already seeing that play out globally in the smallest corners of the natural world. Whether or not the USSC sees this as a case worthy of finally deciding in favor of sanity, nature, humanity, biodiversity and the Earth really isn't a mystery. They no longer serve the law or us as they are for the most part corporate surrogates who have allowed the power bestowed on them to go to their heads. To think Antonin Scalia commented during the case that went to Manhattan last year that transgenic contamination does not occur (as of he is an expert on it) when it can be corroborated by thousands of farmers globally only shows their utter disdain for what they swore to uphold. If anything, Monsanto owes farmers millions for contaminating their seeds and threatening our biodiversity with a monoculture world that can lead to global famine and has exacerbaetd climate change. They knew this would happen and that they could make much profit from it. And that is all this is about to them.

This is part of a technological world we should not hope comes to pass because it will be a world where freedom is sacrificed for profit at the expense of the natural world and true science.

Monsanto has shown clearly who the enemy is by their actions.

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