Thursday, February 28, 2013

Campesino/GM Soy Opponent Assassinated. Targeted Assassinations?

Another Soy Opponent In Paraguay

"Benjamin 'Toto' Lazcano was shot with 50 bullets by two men on a motorcycle on the 19th of Februari in the community Arroyito in the central district of Concepción, Paraguay. Benjamin was a local farmers leader, who opposed the expansion of GM soy monocultures in the region for their negative impact on the communities, the deorestation, the poisoning of the people and water and the degradation of the environment." End of excerpt.

There is a war going on in South America... over the proliferation of GM soy and the lives of indigenous farmers who are being destroyed because of it. This is not the first and I don't see it as the last. There is an evil underbelly to the industrial agricultural globalization taking place worldwide. In India a farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes by drinking down RoundUp because they are placed into such debt they cannot afford the seeds and pesticides they are required to purchase yearly while watching pests become resistant and yields decline. Paramilitary squads have now been overseeing the destruction of farmland in Paraguay, Argentina and other countries in making way for more land to grow Monsanto's GM soy. Planes constantly fly over the heads of the farmers living there spraying Roundup that has been linked to rashes, illnessess and even some deaths. Yet, this is under the radar of the American MSM (and condoned by the current and previous US administrations) even as 93% of our soy is now genetically modified. It truly makes you wonder just how much of this is being directed by certain interests.

This is the price of globalization.

See this link for more information cross referenced from my The GMO Report blog.

Monsanto Coup In Paraguay?

Every time you purchase any processed food in this country with soy or soy lechitin you are eating genetically modified soy as well as the RoundUp sprayed on it. Control of thr worlds's food system through globalization and deception by multi nationals like Monsanto is leading farmers to their deaths as well as destroying buge swaths of forests ruining livelihoods, exacerbating climate change and contaminating other plants which threatens our biodiversity in a monoculture world. If this is not news that should be on every news station across this country I don't know what is.

The longterm effects of GM seeds on the human body as well as other species has never been quantified even though independent tests show 3rd generation mammals exhibiting kidney and liver failure. There is no quantification of how much diabetes, digestive system diseases from residual bt toxin in the human gut, other physical effects or even cancer is being exacerbated by the pervasive, daily, longterm use of these organisms that are now in most processed foods on US store shelves. There are currently states working to see these foods labelled, but of course companies like Monsanto and their lobbies have big money to spend on misinforming the public and denying them their right to disclosure about what they are eating and feeding their children. And people in a world which would seem far away to Americans are dying by standing up against it. Think about that the next time you shop.

GM Soy: The Invisible Ingredient Poisoning Our Children

And of course they aren't stopping there. Africa is next.

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