Saturday, March 16, 2013

Extreme Weather And GMO Crops Combine To Devastate Monarch Butterfly in Mexico

Extreme Weather And GMO Crops Devastate Monarch Butterfly Migration

"In just two years, the annual migration of North American monarch butterflies has declined by 59 percent, and scientists are blaming extreme weather and “changed farming practices,” according to the New York Times. In other words, monster storms and monster Monsanto.

The area of forest occupied by the butterflies, once as high at 50 acres, dwindled to 2.94 acres in the annual census conducted in December, Mexico’s National Commission of Natural Protected Areas disclosed at a news conference in Zitácuaro, Mexico. …

The latest decline was hastened by drought and record-breaking heat in North America when the monarchs arrived last spring to reproduce. Warmer than usual conditions led the insects to arrive early and to nest farther north than is typical, Chip Taylor, director of the conservation group Monarch Watch at the University of Kansas, said in an interview. The early arrival disrupted the monarchs’ breeding cycle, he said, and the hot weather dried insect eggs and lowered the nectar content of the milkweed on which they feed.

That in turn weakened the butterflies and lowered the number of eggs laid.

But an equally alarming source of the decline, both Mr. Taylor and Mr. Vidal said, is the explosive increase in American farmland planted in soybean and corn genetically modified to tolerate herbicides.

End of excerpt.


Our preponderance to dismiss the precautionary principle and true pure scientific prodecure to allow these companies to put profit first is now culminating into the perfect environmental storm.

Monarch Butterflies Drop Ominously In Mexico

Peasant Leaders Staged Hunger Strike in Mexico City Against Genetically Modified Corn

Of course, you didn't see anything about this in the American media.

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