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Monsanto Acquires Climate Corporation for 1.1 BILLION Dollars

They push Monoculture and then wonder why crops fail. Not very bright are they? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monsanto Pays 1 Billion For Climate Corporation

Monsanto, the agri-business giant that is oft-criticized for pushing genetically modified organisms as food, has acquired The Climate Corporation for about $1.1 billion, according to Techcrunch. Climate Corp is a San Francisco-based big data company that monitors the weather in order to provide crop insurance for farmers. It was backed with $109 million in venture capital funding.

The deal is interesting because it suggests that Monsanto — which makes genetically modified seeds and chemical pesticides — might be about to take climate change a bit more seriously. Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant told the Wall Street Journal this year that the company only began examining the issue of global warming about four years ago, and at the time the company still thought climate change might be "fiction":


Ok, let's see: The same farmers they intimidate into buying their seeds with contracts in which they cannot save seed and those same farmers they would sue and take their livelihoods away by charging them with using their test tube garbage in cases when it is through THEIR garbage contaminating organic crops through wind contamination are now concerned that those same farmers are protected against climate change? The very same company part of the agri-business lobby fighting all other international agreements to deal with climate change and or CO2 sequestration and carbon taxes? The very same company exacerbating climate change by seeing huge tracts of forest in South America destroyed to support their GM soy monoculture? The very same company pumping millions into keeping you from knowing these organisms are in your food because they love you?

::::::::::::::::::::::::: Long interlude for laughing:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Wake up! They are simply seeing where the profit is now that they are losing market share and focusing on profiting from disaster from ironically the very form of destructive agriculture they push that is creating the crisis! All of the so called, "venture capitalists" who do this are nothing more than greed mongers and soulless bloodsuckers.

Farmers, if you are insured in any way through this scheme and must now deal with Monsanto, get out now. Use the money for shoring up your farms and growing more diverse crops and employing soil CO2 sequestration methods naturally that actually increase soil health. Get off the fossil fuel/pesticide/GMO treadmill and revert to sustainable methods that will protect your crops without the need to pay the Monsanto piper for them. The floods and droughts experienced due to climate change will more than likely damage your crops with or without these bloodsuckers attached to you sucking you dry to make profit off of your misery and keeping you in debt to them. Matter of fact, Monsanto's BT corn has already been shown to fail in drought, so they will have you paying up to or more than 400 dollars an acre to ensure yourself against something they already know is a sure thing in profits for them. It allows them to keep selling these failing seeds while still making a profit from them!

They will force you to buy a product, their seeds (you don't think they are going to insure farmers who plant anything else do you?) that you cannot save plus all the poisons that you need to spray on them for higher prices as you lock yourself into a never ending cycle with them as your drug dealer. Then, not only will they profit off those seeds (even the ones they already know fail but don't want to pull off the market because it is about profit) and poisons but now they will actually profit off the crop loss you experience from it because previously THEY have been losing billions due to extreme weather wiping out their BT demon seeds. They are doing this to ensure THEIR continued profit one way or the other. They care nothing about you. However, it does speak loudly regarding the fact that Monsanto is desperate and running scared that their profit scheme is falling apart.

This "company" that has done nothing for over a century but poison, toxify and destroy the environment thus being an accomplice to bringing it to where we see it now seeks to insulate themselves from their own behavior. Rather than being a true agricultural company that helps farmers to learn about CO2 soil sequestration, sustainable agriculture, crop rotation, cover crops, water conservation, agroecology, SEED SAVING etc., they will continue to push the fossil fuel method of agriculture to make a profit off the disasters it brings. Don't give them the chance to now destroy even more farmers.

Big Data In The Dirt And The Clouds

Just remember, the same sources used by these people that they charge you for with "insurance" are the same sources you yourself can more than likely research and use for free.

The most current IPCC AR5 report is online for FREE. Use the extra money to build up your farm's and crops' resiliency. Don't give it to these bloodsuckers looking to profit off the same information.



This is a quote from the article above regarding 400 dollars an acre being charged. It is obvious they are hoping to make a huge profit off these disasters. They will even charge you more according to the type of disaster. (?) Am I wrong to see something unethical about that?

From David Friedberg, CEO of San Francisco-based The Climate Corporation:

"The Climate Corporation is something of a next generation insurance company. They start with computer models that simulate weather and climate patterns. "We then use those sorts of models to determine what sort of price we should charge for certain weather events occurring," says Friedberg. The company works mostly with farmers, insuring them against extreme weather for between 40 and 400 dollars an acre. "There's a range of things that can occur and that range is certainly widening. And as a result we should start to charge more for those sorts of events when we're insuring them."


We should be addressing climate change to lessen the effects, not making profit from hoping it gets worse.

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