Monday, October 14, 2013

Celebrate And Honor Real Food Heroes

Who Feeds the World?

Celebrate and honor Real Food Heroes: Real Food Heroes

2-16 October 2013: Act For Seed And Food Freedom

In an entirely insane and political move, the World Food Prize is to be awarded to Monsanto and Syngenta, two companies that have poisoned all nature. It is an outrage and a scandal that these two purveyors of death have been honored with such a prize and a slap in the face to all affected by their products that it is to be awarded on World Food Day.

It is time to celebrate and honor real food heroes of the world from the small family farmers to those who save seeds and those who continue to preserve our biodiversity. The one way we know to beat the ag-bio monopoly on our food system is to educate and do all in our power to fight their assault on our planet for profit. Marches can be effective in educating, but ultimately we have to hurt them where it truly counts- on their balance sheets.

Petition Opposing World Prize Winners/Monsanto/Syngenta

Union Of Concerned Scientists:Monsanto Fails

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