Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Today Is The Day-Washington State-YES ON 522

This is the day consumers in Washington state have their say about knowing what is in their food. If you live in Washington state and have not cast your ballot yet do it now. Monsanto, DOW, Bayer and all those chemical companies poisoning your food daily don't want you to know that GMOs permeate the processed foods you buy. They don't want you to know the health effects of the Glyphosate Round Up that is sprayed liberally on these crops. They don't want you to know anything about the instability of the bacteria/viruses they are inserting into your food while trying to tell you it is "safe". They don't want you to know how many farmers they have put out of business nor their gangster tactics to silence opposition.

They just want to control food and you and your children. That is not the American way nor the human way. Pumping over twenty million dollars into a campaign to keep you in the dark is no way of telling you something is safe. They do not care about you, only their profit margins.

Are you really going to allow them to get away with continuing to poison this Earth and you? This is your chance to say NO.

Today you can take a stand and say I have the right to know what I and my children are eating in order to make healthy choices. Don't let their lies and PR money deter you. If Washington state passes this it will spur other states to also pass labeling initiatives nationwide. You will send a message to Monsanto and all these giant chemical companies that food is NOT a commodity, it is a human right and you have the right to know what is in it.

Remember PCBs, Dioxin, Agent Orange, Saccharin and the myriad POISONS these companies have unleashed on the natural world since WW2? They are looking for a market to continue chemical control of your world and to continue to keep you in the dark allows them access not only to dispersing deadly chemicals around the world for profit but also access to YOUR government.

This vote speaks about so much more than a label. It speaks about your HUMAN RIGHT to freedom and health.

YES ON 522!

This is a comprehensive discussion about the genetics of GMOs and the threat not only to plants but trees.


This kills biodiversity and life and is NOT good science.

Don't let them get away with destroying nature just because they have more money.

This is your day to start the fight for your food and your planet.

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