Monday, December 2, 2013

Scientific Journal Withdraws Seralini Paper On Roundup Toxicity

Scientific journal withdraws Seralini paper on Roundup toxicity


"The grounds for retracting a scientific, peer-reviewed paper are as follows:

Clear evidence that the findings are unreliable due to misconduct (eg data fabrication) or honest error;

Plagiarism or redundant publication;

Unethical research.

Hayes stated that the Séralini group was not guilty of any of the above, only that their results were inconclusive and thus not up to the standards of this so very ethical journal. Now that the paper has been retracted, the results will conveniently not be permissible as evidence in court.

It seems that not only do the corporations own our governments, they now own science as well. Not only do they control the news via mainstream media, they now control the publication of scientific data. They are determined and relentless in their efforts to suppress evidence of harm from their products. They continually state that they want science-based discussions, but only if they get to choose the data. They continually tell us that there is no evidence that GMO crops cause harm either to us or to the environment. As if lack of evidence of harm is equivalent to evidence of no harm.

It's a sad day when a scientific journal lowers itself to to being nothing more than a corporate mouthpiece."

End of excerpt.


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Incredible display of corporate/political interference in pure science... but then, Monsanto sales are down. People are waking up. People are growing their own real food. People are seeing this for what it is. Regardless of the "wins" these companies may have based on the fact that they can throw money and political pressure into the mix the people are winning in educating the public and because of that they have not been able to take over this system to the point they had predicted they would be at by now. This journal now falling to political pressure only makes that point clearer and doesn't change the study nor the results. This is the same MO companies like Monsanto employ by gagging scientists, harassing farmers and even going so far as to allow death threats to those protesting their evil.

Any entity going to these extreme measures to silence critics and gag science when they claim to actually want discussion shows you that is the least of what they want. They want control. They want to own your seeds and food. They want to be able to continue to poison the planet without there being any way for you to know the truth in order for them to lose not one dollar of profit.

They want the truth silenced... Fat chance. The seed and our biodiversity are worth fighting for. You will not take it from us no matter how many papers you pay for and pressure to be silenced. Corporate propaganda is not science.


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