Monday, June 30, 2014

LAST DAY To Tell EPA TO Keep DOW 24-D Crop Off The Market

UPDATE: 10/3/14: Food Safety Experts Slam USDA over 2,4-D GM Crops Approval

Obvious the USDA does not care about food safety or health. TIME TO BOYCOTT CORN GROWN IN THE US.


Tell EPA: Keep Dow's 2,4-D crops off the market

Right now, EPA is reviewing Dow's "new use" application for 2,4-D to be used with the corporation's genetically engineered (GE) corn and soybeans. Before the public comment period closes on June 30, will you speak up to protect farmers and healthy communities?

The stakes are staggering. Scientists estimate that widespread planting of Dow’s 2,4-D corn could trigger a 25-fold increase in the pesticide's use, from an estimated 4.2 million lbs at present to over 100 million lbs by 2019.

USDA has signaled it will likely approve the seeds, but without EPA greenlighting the "new use" of 2,4-D to accompany these crops, they'll never go to market.

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What a shame that an agency entitled 'Environmental Protection' has to be told what to do regarding matters such as this. If you haven't already done so please sign this to keep this Agent Orange derivative out of our seeds, air, water and lungs. Today is the last day in the "comment period."

Factsheet on 24-D

Remember these words: Long range drift and bioaccumulation.

PROPAGANDA film by DOW from 1947! Look how they spray this toxin with NO coverage on their bodies. Wonder how long those who sprayed this actually lived without some sort of health effects. DOW, Monsanto, et al started this "chemical warfare" against nature after WW2 when there were huge supplies of chemicals left over and eventually used this as a component of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War, the effects of which are still being seen FOUR generations later. They needed a way to get rid of them to continue their own profit stream... what better way than to spray it liberally on our fields in the US and making these misrepresentative videos on weeds being the "enemy." This is what you get when you have chemical companies that are part of the military industrial complex. Again, remember- bioaccumulation and long range drift which hits more than the target and eventually does have effects on soil. Imagine, spraying this liberally with it drifting into water, soil and air since 1947. Notice also not ONE WORD about long term health effects on humans and other non targeted species. This is insidious.

Now, they want you TO EAT IT without telling you it is in your food. Stop them.

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