Monday, June 30, 2014

No More Genetically Modified Clintons or Bushes

Want your food to be healthy? Well then you can't vote for the chemical company/biotech owned two party system the US has in place and have any assurance they will fight for your health.

All we get every four years are the same billion dollar campaigns filled with soundbites, false promises and outright lies. It only ends when WE WAKE UP.

Obama pledged to label GMOs- nothing. All the way from the first Bush to now we have seen nothing but ring kissing and genuflecting to the companies that do nothing but poison our environment and biodiversity all for campaign cash. They serve the biotech/chemical/agribusiness triumvirate lobby while they eat organic. They peddle their garbage to your children while they eat organic. They give campaign speeches about caring about this Earth then do all in their power to destroy it. Have you not had ENOUGH? I have.

No more genetically modifying our White House!

Hillary Clinton Serves As Cheerleader For GMOs/But What's She Eating At Home?

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  1. Very Interesting!! Thanks for sharing this post!
    I've had enough too!! I am standing up AGAINST GMO's too!!
    I support my local farmers and Co-op and go to all the farmers markets!
    I am sick and tired of what is in our many are in the dark!!
    ALL organic and no more processed foods for me!!


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