Friday, October 3, 2014

GMO=Greed Manipulated Organisms

The Genetically Modified/Monoculture world of the big six chemical companies is out of control with greed. GM potatoes, bananas, apples... you name it they are trying to kill it. This is not about feeding the world. This is about using their warped technology for profit. The fact that this technology is not proven to be safe does not seem to be stopping them either... of course, being able to grease the palms of regulatory agencies and politicians as well as using their unending wealth gleaned from poisoning this world to misinform the masses has also helped their greedy insidious cause. There is no other way to state this: OUR VERY NATURE IS AT STAKE. The very ecosystems that you need to survive are being sacrificed for a false choice. I have been scarce on this blog of late but that does not mean I am not paying attention to what is going on. I hope you are too.

Disease, pollution, monoculture. Is it really all worth it just to have these companies make a few extra dollars at the expense of your health and the biodiversity of our only home?

I think not.

They know the garbage they are feeding you. Are you going to sit silently and take it?... To be continued...

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