Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Food And Climate Connection

We are at a crossroads regarding the effects of climate change on our food and water resources. Fossil fuel industrial agriculture is responsible for 1/3 of the GHGs that are now exacerbating consequences that will take us to a tipping point if we do not look to more sustainable ways of agriculture. Already, 50% of our topsoil has been eroded in the last fifty years and deforestation for biofuel as well as cattle ranching, oil drilling, etc. along with what we are currently doing to peatlands, grasslands, wetlands and old growth forests that sequester much of the carbon that is now escaping is bringing us to that tipping point ever faster.

Deforestation of land to grow BT corn and GM soy for animal feed and biofuel is also exacerbating climate change/biodistress as well as overspraying of pesticides and herbicides. It is not a sustainable form of agriculture.

This video shows us what can be accomplished when people understand this and take a positive step in using these sustainable methods. Soil carbon sequestration on a global scale could sequester up to 40% of the current GHGs that are exacerbating drought and soil nutrient deficiencies. This is a positive way to plan for a cleaner healthier future that does not require time and huge sums of capital in bringing the solution to the fore. We already have them at our disposal.

Organic farming. Agroecology. Biodynamics. Permaculture.

Nature's way of solving the climate crisis.


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