Saturday, March 12, 2011

GMOS-The Science

Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology

The site noted above is one you must take a look at if you wish to see that this is not about politics or about anti-science or anti-corporate people trying to ban GMOS for some perverse pleasure. This is a site of physicians and scientists telling you plainly about the dangers of GMOs in our food and their effects on our environment.

The prevailing propaganda we see proliferating the Internet by paid biotech shills and PR firms working for Monsanto is that those who write about, speak out about or protest GMOs are only "luddites" or some other such term and that their concerns are not valid. This coming from the likes of an industry that has provided us with no independent testing or knowledge regarding the safety of these organisms and has used every loophole there is to escape disclosure or responsibility regarding them.

So I ask that you take a look at this site as a starter, and I will be adding more sites to it based on studies and tests done by scientists (some of whom have been intimidated because of their findings) that relay to you the truth that is being kept from you. "Substantial equivalence" (which will be covered here in more detail) as it relates to GMOS is an outright mistruth and as such GMOS should be banned. Who would you trust more in regards to the findings about the safety of your food? A doctor, or someone who works for a company that makes Agent Orange, DDT, PCBS and the dioxin that has toxified this planet and many species including our own with impunity since World War 1?

The only difference between these companies then and now is that now their war chemicals are in your pesticides, herbicides and seeds. But remember, they are absolutely safe and the same as the conventional seeds saved and crossbred through 40,000 years of agriculture. Believe that? You shouldn't. Not if you treasure your health, the biodiversity of this planet, and freedom.

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