Saturday, March 15, 2014

GMO Grass?!

UPDATE: 4-12-14: House Mows Down Bill Banning GMO Grass Seed

Really Rep Cook? You care more about Scotts and their profits than the harm this seed could do to the environment and the health of those workers? How many $$$$$ were promised? Once again we see that political party doesn't matter. All politicians care about is covering their own a**es.

This message from GMO Free CT:

"Don't Let the Connecticut General Assembly Silence Your Voice.

Wednesday the Senate passed SB443, a bill to ban genetically engineered grass seed, on a bipartisan vote of 25-11. This seed threatens the integrity of our organic farms and will lead to an escalation of pesticide use.

Unfortunately, all of that was undone when the CT House Leadership prematurely called the bill for a vote in order to kill it before our voices could be heard.

We need to remind Speaker Sharkey and the legislators who voted against protecting the health of the citizens of our state that it is not without consequence. These politicians put politics and corporate interests above public health and we cannot tolerate it.

Please join with us today as we elevate our collective voice and hold our elected officials accountable. This is an election year and they have to care what you think.

Please call and e-mail your Senator & Representative today. You can find out how your legislator voted by clicking below:

Click here for Senators> Senators

Click here for Representatives> Representatives

To learn more click here>House Puts Politics Over Policy

To read our statement click here> GMO Free CT Statement

Don't let your voice be silenced.


The USDA can kiss my grass.

Scotts In League With Monsanto To Sell "Round Up Ready" GMO Grass

The nature killers are at it again..."Easily windblown" pollen. Their employees are being allowed to spread this on their lawns without any precautions or regulation. Without any concern for transgenic contamination. Without any concern for the effects on the environment. And what of the effects on cattle and other animals? Studies have already shown that the bt remains in the gut bacteria of animals. The only way to stop this now is for consumers to be made aware of what is happening and to BOYCOTT these seeds everywhere.


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