Tuesday, March 18, 2014

France Bans Planting and Cultivation of MON 810 Corn

France Bans Planting and Cultivation of MON 810 Corn

Excellent move by France. We need to see these pseudo food plants being banned across the world before irreversible damage is done to our natural world!


The French government, which argues GE crops present environmental risks, kept pushing to institute the new ban even after the country’s highest court struck down similar measures in the past, according to Reuters.

“France’s reinstatement of its previous ban of Monsanto’s controversial genetically engineered crop … is another encouraging sign that the biotech industry’s iron grip on foreign government’s is slipping and that resistance to these flawed products is continuing to take hold,” said Dave Murphy, founder and executive director of Food Democracy Now!.

The decision was strategically timed to block the seasonal planting of Monsanto’s corn by French farmers before a draft law is debated on April 10, which is aimed at banning the cultivation of foods made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

“The sale, use and cultivation of varieties of [Monsanto's corn seed] … is banned in the country until the adoption, on the one hand, of a final decision, and secondly, of European Union community action,” a French decree stated.

The annual planting of corn in France typically gets under way in the second half of March.

The current Socialist government, like its conservative predecessor, has repeatedly opposed the growing of GMO crops in light of public suspicion and widespread protests from environmental groups.

Ongoing differences between EU countries resurfaced in February when they failed to agree on whether to approve another type of GE corn (developed by DuPont and Dow Chemical), leaving the possibility open for the EU Commission to approve its cultivation.

France is trying to gain support to overhaul the EU rules.

“As more nations reject Monsanto’s dangerous technology, the U.S. government is finding itself increasingly alone in failing to protect cropland and farmers here,” said Michele Simon, JD, MPH, president of Eat Drink Politics. ”The U.S. should follow France’s lead in placing people over profits.”

Bolding in article my emphasis.

First sentence bolded is to make the point that this is NOT a political issue, this is an issue that concerns our biodiversity, environmental stability and health. That effects ALL of us. The USDA and Obama administration need to see that as well. That is in reference to the second bolded sentence. Perhaps should the US govt. start putting people before politics/profit we may not see so many disaffected citizens. Stand up for US for once and start doing what you took an oath to do.

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