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Prepare For A GMO War In Washington

Prepare For A GMO War In Washington

Amazing. Even the farmers who grow them do not want to eat them!

“To use conventional corn, non-GMO, I'd have to till, apply pre-emergence herbicide. It's more economical and more convenient to use GMO corn on real ground," he said. Although all that's true, this farmer and agronomist's praise stops there. “I only use it because I felt like I had to,” he said. “My seed supplier said, ‘Kirk it's harder and harder to get ahold of conventional seed.’"

In just 17 years, corn crops in America went from 100% conventional to 85% GMO. Soybeans are now 93% GMO and it's growing.

“I can see why farmers want to use it." But, Bair can also see why people don't want to eat it. “When you put a herbicide gene inside a corn seed, soybean, wheat, whatever you're working with, you're eating that. You're ingesting it.”

It's a growing movement away from the technology many farmers credit with feeding the world and back to the basics, what proponents of 522 say will save the world.

“I want to know what I am eating and I don't want to eat GMO foods," said Bair."


This is not just a war in Washington state. This is a war that effects the entire globe and the future of our food sovereignty, our health, our environment and our Democracy. Monsanto, DOW, Dupont, Bayer and others have flooded the environment with these organisms that have basically turned the Earth and our bodies into science experiments without our consent and without knowing the long term effects of them on us or the ecosystems of this planet. The precautionary principle has been abrogated in lieu of profits at the expense of pure science. Scientists who do test these organisms independently are intimidated and maligned. Farmers who stand up to these companies are sued with the intent of breaking them.

This is now a global network of deceit set upon controlling the seeds that control life itself which began years ago with " the big 6" chemical companies and has steadily worked its way up to PCBS, Agent Orange, to GMOS which require their leftover war chemicals to grow. It is not about sustainable agriculture to them it is about owning it all. It is about patent rights that give them ownership over all you eat, the water that irrigates the seeds and the organisms in which they reside. They have already tried to patent pigs- are humans next?

Some would find it to be too sci-fi to consider but the facts speak for themselves. Biodiversity is in decline as monoculture increases to a level that is unsustainable for a growing population. The good people standing up to see foods with these organisms labeled are also standing up for biodiversity, health and food sovereignty. None of that is part of the business plan of companies such as Monsanto. Matter of fact, monoculture is the only thing that they require to streamline their own production to save on costs. The "substantial equivalence" myth they have also perpetuated in concert with the bogus GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) meme pushed by the US government and its agencies in collusion with them to keep Americans in the dark about what they are eating has catapulted them into control of 80-90% of the seeds used to grow food in this country.

Labeling and the right to know are democratic necessities in order to give consumers a choice of whether or not they want these organisms in their bodies and its chemicals in their bloodstreams and those of their children. However, silence has been their cash cow for many decades which is why they have gotten away with poisoning this planet and its inhabitants over the last century.

If you treasure this Earth and love your children you owe it to them to stand up to require that all products with these deceptive organisms be labeled. You deserve to know what you are putting into your body and why Monsanto is spending billions to keep you in the dark about something they claim to be safe.

GMO Labeling Campaign Off to Familiar Start

It is time for people, not money to make the decisions regarding our health.

YES ON 522

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