Monday, July 22, 2013

Genetic Scientist's TED Talk Exposes GMO Agriculture

"Dr. Thierry Vrain spent most of his working life advocating for biotechnology companies, as a soil biologist and genetic engineering enthusiast. In his recent TED talk Vrain systematically unravels the biotech spin, from the perspective of a scientist who can no longer ignore a growing body of evidence that GMOs cause problems. No matter how desperately chemical companies seek to paint critics as anti-science, reality rears its evidence-based head: considering everything we’ve learned since 1996, genetically engineered food crops deserve our best and most enthusiastic skepticism."

Genetic Scientist's TED Talk Indicts GMO Agriculture

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What this enlightening talk reveals is that the biotech companies that were once chemical companies have absolutely no concern about what they are doing to us or this planet which of course is nothing new. They are literally playing Russian Roulette with our health and lives. Toxic proteins that have no set place and are unknown. Genetic transfer and pollution permeating every level of the biosphere from the smallest insects to worms, nematodes, etc. to other insects and animals all the way up to humans. Antibiotic resistant bacteria now finding its way into our waterways and elsewhere. Markers on genes that can affect expression and thus place us in danger regarding our health and the health of our children carrying it on for generations.

This is not something that will pass. We opened the Pandora's Box in 1996 and in three years it will be twenty years. The most acute effects of this will then most definitely be seen within the next generation (immune disorders, allergies, digestive diseases and ?) if we do not work to stop this assault. How many people do you know already who take "the purple pill" known as Nexium? How many people do you know already who eat probiotic products to activate healthy gut bacteria? Do you notice all of a sudden the push towards products that claim to improve your digestive health? Do you not notice the rise in cancer and diabetes? Do you really think this is all just a coincidence?

This has already taken hold as now weeds and insects become resistant to the poisons in these seeds and herbicides. A new batch of stronger herbicides and seeds are now ready to be approved by the USDA and after that, then what? Stronger ones and then stronger ones after that until humans can no longer survive eating? Until these companies then come out with a way to "fix" this intolerance and resistance that sees them patenting you?

Beware of these insidious companies pushing "feeding the poor" and "higher yields" as their red herrings. Higher yields which bring disease and poverty are only monetary yields for them which give them more control over your life. It is time to stand up to these companies that are using you and your family as science experiments for their own profit.

Thankfully more scientists are speaking out on this. Please pass this on and speak out! Substantial equivalence and GM monoculture are the killers of life!

Will we ever learn?

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